Overdraft facility

With a loan for chartered accountants from HDFC Bank for your busines needs, you can also benefit from our dropline overdraft facility. The limit for this is set on a separate current account, and you only have to pay interest on the amount used.

Loan amount

Get up to Rs 40 lakh (Rs 50 lakh in select locations) via HDFC Bank loan to chartered accountants. This Business Growth Loan offering is designed to suit your particular needs, so get the best deal right away.

No hidden charges

A fixed loan processing fee, pre-decided interest rates and no hidden charges is what you get in this Business Growth Loan offering from HDFC Bank.

Flexible tenures

Get a loan for chartered accountants with a tenure of 12-48 months, whatever suits your needs.

Balance-transfer loan

If you want to benefit from HDFC Bank’s attractive loan offers and lower EMI options, then you can transfer the balance amount of your existing loan.