Tap to Pay - Credit Card

Tap to Pay - Credit Card

What is Tap to Pay on HDFC Bank Cards?

If you can swipe and shop, why not tap to pay? That’s precisely what you can do with HDFC Bank Cards. HDFC Bank Cards allow you to pay with a simple tap. To make a transaction of ₹5,000 or less, just tap to pay with your card and you won't need to sign or enter any PIN.

Places where to use

Where can a HDFC Bank Card be Tapped to pay?
Use your HDFC Bank Card at merchant outlets across all major cities of India. Enjoy contactless payment with your card for transactions up to ₹5,000


What is the limit on the value of purchases to Tap to Pay with a HDFC Bank card?

There is no limit to the value of purchases. If your amount is less than ₹5,000 you won’t need a PIN if you tap & pay with your HDFC Bank Card. For amounts greater than ₹5,000, you will be asked to input your Credit Card PIN.

Will a charge-slip be issued for Tap to Pay transactions?

Yes, a charge slip is issued for all Card transactions.

What are the benefits of making payments using Tap to Pay with HDFC Bank Card?

Payments are faster and convenient to use as there is no need for dipping, swiping, entering card PIN or dealing with cash, just a tap and the payment goes through.

Reduced risk as card is does not leave your hand present and there are less chances of fraud via skimming/counterfeit.

Payments are secure as a card has a unique security feature which generates a one-time security code for every Tap to Pay transaction.

What happens if the wrong amount is entered in the card reader?

The cashier will have to void the transaction and create a new one.

How can I get a Tap to Pay enabled HDFC Bank Card?

You can apply for an HDFC Bank Card through our website: www.hdfcbank.com or MobileBanking.

Where can I use Tap to Pay with HDFC Bank Card?

You can use the HDFC Bank Card to Tap to Pay at any merchant outlet that has a contactless reader / NFC enabled POS terminals.

Look for the contactless symbol at the POS terminal to make the contactless payments. You can also use your HDFC Bank Card to make payments by swiping or dipping your card & entering the 4-digit PIN.

Can I use my HDFC Bank Card at merchants that do not accept Tap to Pay payments?

Yes, for the merchants that not enabled for Tap to Pay payments, you can use transact by swiping or dipping your card & entering the 4-digit PIN.

Could I be debited twice if I have more than one Tap to Pay enabled card in my wallet?

you will not be charged twice. And if you tap twice by mistake, even then you won’t be charged twice.

Can I unknowingly make a purchase if I walk past a contactless enabled POS terminal?

No, your card should be within a proximity of 4 cm from the POS terminal for more than half a second and the retailer must enter the transaction amount for you to approve. Additionally, the POS terminal processes only one transaction at a time, further reducing transaction errors.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a method of data transmission using radio wave, wirelessly. Tap to Pay uses NFC to transmit data to terminals that have been NPC activated. The payment data is encrypted before transmitting making the transaction completely secure.

How can I use Tap to Pay with my HDFC Bank Card?
  • Look for the contactless logo at the POS terminal
  • Once prompted, Tap your Card at the POS terminal (card to be less than 4 cm from the terminal)
  • No PIN is required for transaction amount less than Rs. 5,000
What are the charges for a Tap to Pay enabled Card?

For charges on the HDFC Bank Contactless Card, please visit our website: www.hdfcbank.com or you can even reach out to our customer service executives. 

How to activate Contactless Transactions?

As per RBI guidelines to encourage secure Contactless transactions, it is mandatory to temporarily disable Contactless usage service on Credit Cards for customers who have been inactive for the service or have been issued a new card (fresh issue/re-issue/replacement/upgrade).
You can continue to use your Card at Online stores, ATMs, & for purchases at merchant outlets near you using contact mode (swipe/dip and pin).

This is simply a precautionary measure to ensure a safe banking experience for you. You can easily re-enable contactless usage with the below mentioned steps.

Using Eva-

Step 1 - Click here to open HDFC Bank's Digital Assistant - EVA.

Step 2 - Click on Manage my Credit Card >> Contactless Transactions

Step 3 - Alternatively you may type, How to enable contactless transactions on my Credit Card?

Step 4 - Provide your 10-digit mobile number

Step 5 - An OTP gets trigged to the mobile number. Enter the same.

Step 6 - Enter the last 4- digits of your Credit Card number

Step 7 - Current status for online transaction type will be shown as disabled in the screen. Enable the same.

Step 8 - Congratulations!!! you just enable your Contactlesss Tarnsactions

Using WhatsApp Banking

Step 1 - On your mobile phone, add HDFC Bank's Official WhatsApp contact number - 7065970659 to your contacts.

Step 2 -  In case you are viewing this on mobile click here to add

Step 3 - Send the text Manage my Credit Card to the above number

Step 4 - You will receive a reply asking to choose from various options. Choose option 4 corresponding Contactless transactions(e.g. just type numeric 4)

Step 5 - An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the same.

Step 6 - You will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits fo your Credit Card number. Enter.

Step 7 - Current status for online transaction type will be shown as dissbled in the screen. Enable the same.

Step 8 - Congratulations!!! you just enable your Contactlesss Tarnsactions

Using Netbanking-

Step 1 - Login with NetBanking using your Customer id.

Step 2 - Go to Cards Tab >> Request >> Set Card usage/limits

Step 3 - Your existing Daily Domestic Usage/Limits and Daily International Usage/limits for all types of Transaction would be shown. Contactless usage would be disabled under both sections.

Step 4 - Switch on Contactless usage under both sections. Then click on "Continue"

Step 5 - In the review page, click "Confirm"

Step 6 - Enter the OTP and click "Continue" & its done

Step 7 - Congratulations!!! you just enable your Contactlesss Tarnsactions

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