Password Security tips

How to protect your banking password

Password Security tips

All You Need To Know

Secure Password Tips


When you receive your Card PIN, change it immediately.

Never use the following for your PIN:

Your kids’ or loved ones’ date of birth

1234 or 4321, 9876 or 6789 – easy to guess

Digits of your mobile number

Your date of birth or anniversary

First or last 4 digits of your card number


Be creative and think of a password that is really different as well as difficult to guess.

Mix upper and lowercase letters, and special characters like $, @, *, etc.

Place punctuation or numbers randomly.

Pick letters that are in different places on keyboard. Do not use sequences like ‘qwerty’.


Don’t use sequences of letters or numbers. E.g.: abcd1234. asdfg123 etc.

Don’t use personal information like your name, date of birth, PAN number, etc.

Avoid using the same password for several different accounts. Once hackers have guessed one password, they’ll often try to see if it works on other accounts.

Protecting Your Password


Memorize your PIN. Don’t write down your password or PIN anywhere especially not on your card.


Change your PIN/passwords at regular intervals. If you suspect that someone knows your PIN/Password, change it immediately.


Don’t send your password or PIN to anyone via email or text message.


Don’t say your password or PIN aloud in public where other people can hear you.


Don’t have your browser remember your card/account password.