What is a Secure Access Question? 

Secure Access Question is an enhanced security feature that provides an additional layer of authentication for safeguarding the confidential details of customers. It helps protect customer against theft of sensitive and personal information for securing the customers against identity theft.  

Customers need to complete a one-time Secure Access Question registration process by answering certain questions. These questions are based on personal information that only the customer should have.  

Whenever the system detects any unusual behaviour in online banking usage pattern, it will prompt the customer with the Secure Access Question. The customer needs to correctly answer the questions set by him/her during registration post which the system will permit the transaction to proceed.  

Kindly Note:  

  • Please remember your answers and their exact spellings 
  • Do not write them down anywhere or share the same with anyone 
  • The Bank will never ask for these answers through SMS, Email or Phone 

How to set/reset Secure Access Question? 

You can set/reset your Secure Access Questions by following these steps:  

Login to NetBanking >>Third Party Transfer>> Change Question Answers