Don’t fall for this phone call ruse


Vishing is one such attempt where fraudsters try to seek your personal information like Customer ID, Net Banking password, ATM PIN, OTP, Card expiry date, CVV etc. through a phone call.

How do fraudsters operate?

Step 1

The fraudster poses as an employee from the bank or a Government / Financial institution and ask customers for their personal information.

Step 2

They cite varied reasons as to why they need this information. For e.g. reactivation of account, encashing of reward points, sending a new card etc.

Step 3

These details thus obtained are then used to conduct fraudulent activities/ transactions on the customer’s account without their knowledge.

How to protect yourself from Vishing

No sharing

Never share any personal information like Customer ID, ATM PIN, OTP etc. over the phone, SMS or email.


If in doubt, call on the PhoneBanking number, as mentioned on the reverse side of your card or on