Keep this harmful software at bay


A Trojan is a harmful piece of software that users are typically tricked into loading and executing on their computers. After it is installed and activated, Trojan attacks the computer leading to deletion of files, data theft, or activation/spread of viruses. Trojans can also create back doors to give access to hackers.

How do fraudsters operate?

Step 1

Fraudsters use spamming techniques to send e-mails to numerous unsuspecting people.

Step 2

Customers who open or download the attachment in these emails get their computers infected.

Step 3

When the customer performs account/card related transactions, the Trojan steals personal information and sends them to fraudsters.

Step 4

These details will then be used to conduct fraudulent transactions on the customer’s account.

How to protect yourself from fraud?


Never open e-mails or download attachments from unknown senders. Simply delete such emails.


Installing antivirus helps. It scans every file you download and protects you from malicious files.

OS updates

Enable automatic OS updates or download OS patch updates regularly to keep your Operating System patched against known vulnerabilities.


Install patches from software manufacturers as soon as they are distributed. A fully patched computer behind a firewall is the best defense against Trojan.


Download and use the latest version of your browser.


If your computer gets infected with a Trojan, disconnect your Internet connection and remove the files in question with an antivirus program or by reinstalling your operating system.If necessary, get your computer serviced.