Money Mule

How fraudsters can get you to launder money

Money Mule

Money Mule is a term used to describe innocent victims who are duped by fraudsters into laundering stolen/illegal money via their bank account(s). When such incidents are reported, the money mule becomes the target of police investigations, due to their involvement.

How do fraudsters operate?

Step 1

Fraudsters contact customers via emails, chat rooms, job websites or blogs, and convince them to receive money into their bank accounts, in exchange of attractive commissions.

Step 2

The fraudsters then transfer the illegal money into the money mule’s account.

Step 3

The money mule is then directed to transfer the money to another money mule’s account – starting a chain that ultimately results in the money getting transferred to the fraudster’s account.

Step 4

When such frauds are reported, the money mule becomes the target of police investigations.

How to protect yourself from becoming a Money Mule


Do not respond to emails asking for your bank account details.


For any overseas job offer, first confirm the identity and contact details of the employing company.


Do not get carried away by attractive offers/commissions or consent to receive unauthorized money.