OfflinePay - Offline Digital Payment

OfflinePay - Offline Digital Payment

HDFC Bank is proud to partner with RBI to bring you – OfflinePay. An innovative solution for making payments conveniently, even when you are in a low or no network zone.

OfflinePay is the next level in digital payments, offering convenience and peace of mind for successful payments, anytime and anywhere.

Why OfflinePay makes sense

Many pockets in the country still face network issues, including some urban areas, where network connections occasionally drop. Your HDFC Bank OfflinePay wallet can come in handy in situations such as:

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Network congestion in high-density areas, such as sporting events, concerts, festivals, and other large gatherings

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Network' blind spots', including basements, parking lots, lifts, malls, large buildings, etc.

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Absence of network while travelling by train, ferry, or airplane

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Areas with low connectivity in Tier 3/4/5 towns and rural areas

Benefits of the OfflinePay wallet for Customers
Benefits of the OfflinePay wallet for Customers

Easy access

OfflinePay is available as an on-device wallet so you can use it whenever needed.

Benefits of the OfflinePay wallet for Customers


Add money to the OfflinePay wallet and use it later to make small payments even when you or the merchant (or both) are offline.

Benefits of the OfflinePay wallet for Customers

Reduced load

OfflinePay will ease the burden on core banking systems and enable deferred payment processing in low- or no-network situations.

How to start using OfflinePay 

OfflinePay transactions are enabled when you and the merchant have a user app and the OfflinePay wallet. The process is as follows:

  • Open the user app, select HDFC Bank, and log in
  • An OfflinePay wallet will be created in the payment app
  • Adds funds to your OfflinePay wallet
  • Scan the merchant QR code and pay using your OfflinePay wallet
  • As the amount is debited from the OfflinePay wallet, the OfflinePay generates a QR code
  • The merchant can now scan this code for proof of payment
  • The transaction gets posted and confirmed when you or the merchant come online.

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OfflinePay wallet functionality & features

For Customers:

accepted.png (18×13)A transaction PIN secures your transaction through the OfflinePay digital wallet
accepted.png (18×13)Check your wallet balance, view transaction details and add funds to the wallet on the go
accepted.png (18×13)Add up to ₹ 2,000 in the OfflinePay wallet through UPI e-payment 
accepted.png (18×13)In case of wallet closure, the balance amount will be refunded to the bank account linked to the registered mobile number within seven days
accepted.png (18×13)As OfflinePay is meant for low-value payments, the transaction amount is limited to ₹ 200
accepted.png (18×13)Customers and merchants can make a maximum of five transactions while offline

For Merchants:

accepted.png (18×13)Log in through your primary mobile number or email ID
accepted.png (18×13)Secure login and registration are done through SIM binding, device and biometrics/PIN
accepted.png (18×13)OfflinePay lets you generate a QR code to accept offline payment
accepted.png (18×13)You can scan the transaction QR to record offline accepted payment

Merchant Benefits

Get various details of transactions on the OfflinePay platform, such as​​​​​​​

  • View up to 50 latest transactions in offline mode
  • View settlements, validate offline transactions, and see a list of recently accepted transactions (including offline accepted transactions) and their status
  • View date-wise transactions, one-click additional details on the payment source, and transaction and payment details
  • View date-wise settlement status and a summary of settlement and calculation details
  • Download reports of the transaction count, transaction amount, refund count, adjustment amount, dispute adjustment, and failed or pending status


​​​​​​​1. What is OfflinePay?
OfflinePay is an on-device wallet functionality that enables quick and easy, low-value offline transactions. OfflinePay will allow merchants and users to accept and make payments even in low or no internet/ network scenarios.

2. Can I top up the wallet offline as well?
Wallet top-up can only be done when the user is online.

3. I am a customer. How do I register for OfflinePay?

  • Open the OfflinePay app
  • Select HDFC Bank to Login/Register
  • Your mobile number will be retrieved via SIM
  • Enable the device fingerprint/PIN/Pattern to be used as AFA
  • Wallet balance/status will then be visible
  • To log out, tap on the logout option

Note: Only whitelisted users will be able to register for OfflinePay.

4. How do I activate my OfflinePay digital wallet?

  • Look for the enable wallet option on the home screen 
  • Tap to enable the wallet for quick payments
  • Set up a digital wallet pin (Transaction PIN)
  • Your digital wallet is enabled and will show '₹ 0' balance.

5. How do I top up my digital wallet?

  • The wallet top-up option will be visible on the home screen
  • Tap on the wallet top-up option to add money
  • Enter the amount you want to add to the digital wallet 
  • After tapping on the 'Add Money' button, you will be redirected to a PG page to complete the payment via UPI/NetBanking/Cards, etc.
  • Once the transaction is successful - your digital wallet balance is updated. 

6. How do I close my digital wallet?

  • Check the home screen for the option to close your wallet
  • Tap on 'Close Wallet'
  • The balance amount in your digital wallet will be refunded to the bank account linked to your registered mobile number within the TAT decided by your bank
  • Your digital wallet will be disabled.

7. What happens to my money when I close the digital wallet?
Your digital wallet balance will be refunded to the linked bank account.

8. Can I still make online payments from this app?
Yes, you can still make online transactions in the same way as offline transactions from this app.

9. What happens if my transaction fails?
As this is an offline payments app - if the transaction fails, the amount is not deducted from your wallet. The amount is deducted only after the success of the payment is confirmed on the app.

10. I completed a transaction on the app, but the merchant has not delivered the goods/services. What should I do now?
You can go to the particular transaction in the transaction history and raise a dispute

  • Tap on 'View Transactions' to go to the passbook screen
  • All transactions with the amount paid and transaction status will be visible on the screen
  • Tap on a specific transaction to get a detailed view
  • You can then add comments and raise a dispute
  • When a dispute is raised successfully, you can view the status in 'Detailed View'

11. How do I reset my PIN?

  • To reset the digital wallet PIN (transaction pin), tap on Forgot PIN CTA (on the transaction screen)
  • On tapping Forgot PIN, you will be prompted to log in to the device
  • The request is authenticated by the SDK and sent to the backend via the app
  • After validation - the wallet system will approve the request
  • You will be taken to the reset PIN page to enter a new PIN
  • Once you confirm - the digital wallet PIN will be reset

12. How do I do an offline transaction?

  • Open the payment app and scan the QR presented by the merchant
  • Authenticate the payment request by entering your PIN.

13. Are there any limits for a customer paying offline?

  • Maximum reload amount for a single reload is ₹ 2,000
  • Maximum reload amount aggregate for a month is ₹ 10,000
  • Max amount allowed in OfflinePay is ₹ 2,000
  • Maximum amount allowed per transaction is ₹ 200
  • Maximum total count of transactions in the offline wallet allowed is five.

*You have to go online when max value is reached to undertake the next offline transaction

14. Can I, as a customer, change the limits for OfflinePay?
No, changing the limit isn’t possible.


​​​​​​​15. How is a Merchant Onboarded?

  • The bank provides the file with all sample merchants to be onboarded
  • Merchants are onboarded from the backend. Logins are enabled for those merchants on the primary mobile number/email id shared; merchants can log in after registration.

16. How do I log into the app?

  • Open the app
  • Select your bank
  • Register via SIM Binding– device biometrics / PIN will be used for app login
  • You will be logged in to the merchant app and can logout anytime

17. How do I receive a payment as a merchant?

  • Open the app and enter the amount to be requested.
  • Show the QR which has been created in the app
  • The customer will scan the QR and complete the payment using a PIN. A confirmation QR will be created in the customer’s app
  • Scan the confirmation QR created in the customer app to validate the payment's legitimacy.

18. How does a merchant validate an offline payment?
The merchant scans the confirmation QR code created in the customer’s app when the payment is accepted and signed with the PIN.

19. Is there any limitation for a merchant being offline?

20. When will I see transactions on my online account?
Once the merchant or customer goes online, they can see the transaction.

21. How can I see my transaction details?

  • Open the app
  • You can see the list of recently accepted transactions under “Recent Transaction”
  • You will be able to switch dates to see all transactions on that date
  • You will also be able to see transactions that were accepted offline and their pending status
  • You will be able to tap on the transaction to see additional details like Payment Source Details - Channel, Issuer etc.
  • Settlement Details - Settlement date, the settlement amount
  • Transaction details - Amount, Reference Numbers, Date/time

22. How do I check if the transaction has been settled?

  • You can tap on the 'Settlements' option to see all settlements with the date /amount
  • You can tap on a settlement to see a summary of the settlement and how it was calculated and even download a report
  • Transaction count/amount and details net of MDRs
  • Refund count/amount adjustments
  • Dispute adjustments
  • You can also see settlement status (if settled or failed or pending) on the app

23.  I am a merchant. How can I check the settlement for my offline payment transactions in my account?
For offline payment transactions done on a particular date, settlement for the same will happen on the next day after you go online. To identify Offline Payment settlement in your bank account please check credits with the narration as “OfflinePay”.