Types of Fraud and How to Avoid Them

Types of Fraud and How to Avoid Them

Scam Through QR Code

  • Do not scan QR codes received from unknown/unsolicited sources
  • QR code is needed to be scanned only to send money, not to receive a payment.

Juice Jacking - Data theft through charging cable


  • Do not use charging adapters/cables from unknown people
  • Install anti-virus on your phone

Password Security Tips

  • Do not use a predictable password with your DOB or your partner's name
  • Use a mix of lowercase and uppercase alphabets, numbers and special characters
  • Memorise your password, do not write it down

Protection from Phishing links

  • Do not click unknown or unsolicited links without verifying them
  • Do not share confidential information with unknown people

Protection from Vishing Calls

  • Do not trust callers claiming to speak on behalf of your bank and asking for confidential information
  • OTP protects your money, do not share it with anyone

Online Shopping scam


  • Make payment through verified/trusted websites only.
  • Check for a tiny lock icon and https:// on the URL bar to make secure transactions
  • Check the spelling of the URL carefully

Protection while using ATM

  • Before making a transaction at the ATM, ensure that no skimming device is attached to the insertion slot
  • Do not take help from strangers for using ATM cards or handling cash

Protection from fake or remote sharing apps


  • Do not download apps from links sent through SMS/Email or other apps
  • Do not download screen-sharing applications shared by unknown people
  • Regularly update the software of your phone to ensure its security

MLM Schemes

  • Verify the authenticity of Multi Level Marketing scheme. Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes are illegal in India.
  • Do not pay money to unknown companies and enrol in unknown schemes.

SIM Swap or Cloning


  • Verify the status of your SIM Card with the telecom provider when in doubt instead of believing unknown callers
  • Do not share confidential information like SIM number and Aadhar number with unknown callers