Payment Reminder

Payment Reminder


Did you know?

Your Credit Score is your Bank Report Card


Missing your payment impacts your Credit Score!

We have noticed your <Loan/Credit Card> Payment is overdue, resulting in a lower Credit Score by 24* points!

A Credit Score is a record of your credit history, checked by Banks and non-banking financial institutions to determine your creditworthiness before approving a Loan or Credit Card. When you are not regular with credit payments, it impacts a low score.

Here are the disadvantages of having a Credit Score below 750:

 Higher Interest Rate

 Rejection on
 Loan/Credit Card

 Unfavourable terms
 on Loan

 Affect on employment

Pay the due now and ensure you are always credit ready with a Good Credit Score.

You can also check for ways to improve your CIBIL Score.

*Number is indicative. T&C apply

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