Cyber insurance Page

Cyber insurance Page

1. Summary of Opted Covers and Sum Insured

Section No.


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Theft of Funds (Unauthorized Digital Transactions)


Identity Theft

Floater Sum Insured_: INR ,1,50,000


We will not cover any claim by you under this policy arising directly or indirectly from the following:

1. Any event or circumstances which were known to you prior to inception of this policy that could reasonably lead to an Insured event under this policy.

2. Any action or omission of you or any misbehaviour of you which is intentional, malicious, dishonest, deliberate or reckless.

3. Any action or omission in your capacity as employee or self-employed person as well as any professional or business activity.

4. Loss of or damage to tangible property and any consequential losses resulting therefrom, including the loss of use of tangible property.

5. Investment or trading losses including without limitation any inability to sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of securities.

6. Bodily injury, psychological harm (save that this exclusion shall not apply to anxiety or mental stress as set forth in Section 2 – Identity Theft and Section 5 – Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking and Loss of Reputation), trauma, illness or death.

7. Misappropriation, theft, infringement or disclosure of any intellectual property (such as patents, trademarks, copyrights). This exclusion shall not apply to Section 9 – Social Media and Media Liability. However, theft, infringement, misuse or abuse of patents will always remain excluded.

8. Third party claims made by family members, any person residing with the Insured, made from Insured or any joint account holder with the Insured.

9. Any contractual liability.

10. Any costs of betterment of your personal device beyond the state existing prior to the Insured event, unless unavoidable.

11. Loss, misplacement, destruction, modification, unavailability, inaccessibility of and/or delay in trading with cryptocurrencies, consisting of coins (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, IOTA), tokens (e.g. EOS, Nem, Tether) or public and/or private keys being used in conjunction with the aforementioned.

12. Gambling online and or otherwise.

13. Any Director and Officer Liability or any professional liability.

14. Any loss sustained by you by accessing any restricted or websites banned by the relevant authority over internet.

15. Losses sustained by the Insured Person(s) resulting directly or indirectly from any fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by Insured Person(s)’s employee or family member, acting alone or in collusion with others.

16. Losses due to the failure, outage/disturbance of infrastructure (e.g. electricity, gas, water, internet service, satellite, cable, telecommunications, or other utility services).


In the event of a claim, and to report a claim upon discovery of an occurrence of a Insured Event, you must contact your HDFC Bank Branch Manager

Documents required:

A. Theft of Funds

1. Claim Form

2. Copy of Complaint to Bank / wallet company and Bank’s response/Wallet company

3. Message/other communication exchanged between the Insured and HDFC Bank regarding the unauthorized/theft of fund transaction and documents indicating that the HDFC bank or the HDFC digital wallet is not reimbursing the Insured for the theft of funds

4. Copy of FIR lodged with Police Authorities / Cyber cell.

5. Message /email/other communications received from the perpetrator regarding the transaction

6. Caller Details / Email / Phone number, if any or

7. Account details and supporting documents of alleged perpetrator, if any

8. Details of legal cost incurred in connection to the prosecution of a criminal case against the Third Party and/or estimated legal cost that will be incurred by the Insured until the conclusion of the criminal case

9. Bank statement outlining the prior 3 months transactions

10. All communications of the Insured with the Bank in case of any penalty levied by the bank

11. All communications/supporting from the Insured in connection to lost wages.

12. KYC documents for claim settlement when amount is above INR 1lakh.

B. Identity Theft

1. All communications/supporting from the Insured in connection to lost wages

2. Particulars of data which has been stolen

3. Details of the alleged Third Party who is responsible for the identify theft

4. Details of demands (if any) arising from the identity theft

5. Details of Legal action against/by you.

6. KYC documents for claim settlement when amount is above INR 1lakh.