About Merger

About Merger

India’s No 1 Private Sector Bank & No 1 Home Loans Company have merged to join the ranks of the world’s leading financial institutions. On this momentous occasion, we rededicate ourselves to serve those who made this milestone possible - You, our Customer.

Our commitment lies in serving you with excellence, ensuring that your banking experience is nothing short of exceptional. Today we are better equipped to serve you with a wider range of financial products and we are determined to become a bank that exceeds your expectations and meets your high standards.

FAQs For Home Loan

Existing HDFC Ltd. Home Loan customers (full/partial disbursement)

What will be my Loan account number and terms of Loan Agreement with HDFC Ltd?

a. Your Loan Account Number will remain the same and continue to be the point of reference for all your future communication with HDFC Bank Ltd. 

b. The contractual terms of your Loan agreement will remain unchanged.

Will I have access to HDFC Ltd Loan Portal and Mobile Application that I have been using prior to merger?

a. You would continue to have access to HDFC Ltd Portal post-merger. 

b. You can login to the Loan Portal or Mobile Application using your existing login credentials and password or via OTP mode.

I have availed full disbursement of the loan recently. The EMIs are yet to begin. How will the merger impact my loan? Are there any new terms and conditions that will be applicable?

The Merger will not impact your loan. There will be no impact on repayment cycle of the loan. EMI will be processed as per the loan repayment schedule. Further, there is no change in terms and conditions and the applicable Interest rate will also remain the same. Changes (If any) will be duly communicated. 

Will my loan be transferred to HDFC Bank post the merger? If yes, will the Customer Login change?

Yes, the Loan Account will be transferred to HDFC Bank post the effective date of merger. Your customer login credentials will not change, and you can continue to access the portal and avail our services.  

On HDFC Bank’s website, will I be able to check my home loan details? Will my login credentials of Net banking be same as my Home Loan account?

a. HDFC Bank Home Loan Customers who do not have either a Savings or Current Account with HDFC Bank can access their Home Loan details through the Home Loan section of the HDFC Bank website. 

b. Home Loan account login credentials are different from Net Banking credentials. 

c. Existing HDFC Bank customers (having either a Savings or current account) can access home loan details through HDFC Bank’s Net Banking Portal. 

d. You can continue to access the HDFC Ltd portal even after the merger with your existing login credentials  

My loan is partly disbursed. How can I avail subsequent disbursements of the balance amount?

You can request subsequent disbursements by logging into your account on our website or by emailing us at customer.service@hdfc.com. You can also visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. branches) and submit the disbursement request in the prescribed format.

Where can I go for prepayment of my loan? Can it be done online, or will I have to visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch or my existing HDFC Ltd. Branch?

All prepayment inquiries will be handled at existing HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. branches). You can also reach out to us via email at customer.service@hdfc.com or speak with one of our customer service representatives over the phone.

Are there any prepayment charges?

For detailed information on fees and charges, you can refer to the Fees & Charges section on our website. You can also check the copy of the loan application form or your loan agreement for these details. 

Due to this merger, will my EMI change for my ongoing loan?

The merger will not have any impact on your EMI; it will remain unchanged. 

If the interest rate changes, will it continue to be linked to Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR)?

The applicable rate of interest to your account shall now be linked to EBLR (External Benchmark Lending Rate) instead of Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR). This is in compliance with the regulatory guidelines on floating rate of interest.  On the day of the merger there will be no change in ROI and any changes in future will be based on EBLR.

How can I get the interest certificate on my loan for taxation purposes?

The interest certificate can be downloaded from our website, customer login portal, writing to customer.service@hdfc.com or by visiting our nearest HDFC Bank Home Loan Servicing Branch. 

You can download your interest certificate through any of the below given methods: 

  1. Login to your account on the customer login portal 

  1. Via WhatsApp,  

  1. Emailing us on customer.service@hdfc.com,  

  1.  By visiting the nearest HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. Branches) 

What is the process pertaining to loan ROI conversion? What are the applicable charges?

There is no change in the process of loan ROI conversion, and you can avail the facility by visiting our HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. Branches). You can also email us on customer.service@hdfc.com.   

Or call us on our customer support numbers.  

For applicable charges, please refer to our website

Can I walk into any HDFC Bank branch regarding the servicing of my loan?

As per existing process all servicing of Home Loans is already enabled through our Customer Portal. So, you can continue to access the Customer Portal for any services related to your Home Loans even after the merger.  

​​​​​​​If you walk-in to any of our HDFC Bank Branch, our staff will help you to connect to the customer portal thru a link or a QR code. However, if your query or request is not resolved via the Customer Service Portal, our branch staff will help you formally log the query or request in the system. You will then receive due intimation about the time for resolution of the query or request. Post which your query or request will be serviced.

How can I apply for a top up loan?

You can apply for a Top Up Loan after 12 months of the final disbursement of your existing Home Loan and upon possession / completion of the existing financed property. You can apply for a home loan either online on our website or by calling our helpline or by visiting the nearest HDFC Bank Home Loan Servicing Branch.

Customers with sanctioned, but undisbursed loans

I already have a sanction letter from HDFC Ltd. Now, I have shortlisted the property. What are the next steps? Where can I submit the property documents for verification?

Please share the property and other disbursement related documents by raising a service request with your Home Loan Relationship Manager; or by sending an email on customer.service@hdfc.com. If you prefer, you can also drop the documents off at your closest HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. branches)

How can I avail disbursement of the loan?

You can avail the loan disbursement amount once the property has been technically appraised, all legal documentation has been completed and you have paid your own contribution in full.  

You can choose from any one of the following methods to submit the request for disbursement: 

a. Login to our website 

b. Through your Relationship Manager   

c. Mailing us on customer.service@hdfc.com.  

d. Submit the disbursement request in prescribed format at the nearest HDFC Bank branch for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. branches)

Do I have to visit the branch for signing loan documents for loan disbursement? If yes, which branch should I visit?

Yes, for execution of your loan agreement and disbursement of related documents, you'll need to visit your nearest HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. branches) 

Customers with Loan application submitted / pre-sanction cases

I have applied for a home loan recently to HDFC Ltd. How can I check the status of my loan application?

You can easily check your loan application's status through one of the below given ways: 

a. Login to the customer portal on our website (link).  

b. call our toll-free helpline at 1800 210 0018 Or (STD code) 64807999,  

c. email us at customer.service@hdfc.com,  

d. visit the nearest HDFC Bank branches for Home Loans (erstwhile HDFC Ltd. branches)

How do I calculate my home loan EMI amount?

Your Home Loan EMI amount can be calculated using our Home Loan EMI Calculator under the Checklist & Calculators Section on our website. Simply input the Loan Amount, Loan Tenure (In Years) and Interest Rate (% P.A.) to know the amount.