SIP Calculator

Calculate maturity corpus if you invest small amounts monthly in a Systematic Investment Plan over a period

SIP Calculator

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At HDFC Bank, we endeavour to make your entire investment journey a fruitful one. Whether you are starting in life or an accomplished professional, financial planning and investing at regular intervals further builds your wealth portfolio. With a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) leave aside the burden of lump-sum investments and begin with smaller, more affordable investments at regular intervals. Choose the amount and time frame as per your financial fit.

Our curated SIP returns Calculator allows you to calculate returns on your monthly SIP investments.

With straightforward means to calculate your yields, all you need to input into the SIP investment calculator is your amount to invest, the number of instalments, frequency of investment – it is either monthly or quarterly and your expected rate of return. You have your consolidated investment amount together with your earnings through the SIP calculator online in just a click of a button.

Outline your investments through the SIP route and SIP interest calculator today to earn high yields with continuous stability.

What is an SIP Calculator?

An SIP Calculator is an online tool that allows you to estimate the returns on your Mutual Fund investments, when you invest in them via Systematic Investment Plans. The Mutual Fund SIP Calculator takes into consideration your monthly investments and the investment duration to provide you with a value of SIP based on an estimated rate of return. It is important to note that the actual returns of your SIPs can vary. An SIP Calculator is simply a roadmap to help investors seamlessly integrate SIP investments in their portfolio. It is a reliable tool that automates otherwise complex calculations wherein you simply provide few input values.

Advantages of using the HDFC Bank Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

1) The SIP investment calculator provides you with an overview of how your investments might grow after a certain period of time based on the value of your investments. You can find out approximately how much money you need to invest in Mutual Funds via SIP to earn the desired returns. This allows you to set various short-term, medium-term or long-term goals.

2) The SIP Calculator is available for use online, for free. Our SIP Calculator is intuitive and easy to use. You simply have to enter a few values, including the investment amount, the number and frequency of SIPs and the expected rate of return. Once you fill in the input fields, the calculator instantly computes the value of your SIP investments after your preferred tenure. The SIP Calculator helps you save time from doing complex calculations.


1. What is a SIP?

SIP or a Systematic Investment Plan, wherein you plan your investments of a stipulated amount at specific intervals in pre-identified mutual fund schemes. The particular intervals are either on a monthly or quarterly basis.

A SIP averages your total investment cost throughout the investment. It offers you the flexibility to select your investment plan as per your financial threshold. HDFC provides the option to know your return before investment with the SIP return calculator.

2. Is SIP a mutual fund?

SIP is a means to invest in a mutual fund. Short for Systematic Investment Plan, it is the process of purchasing any mutual fund of your selection. It is not a stand-alone mutual fund scheme or fund or a stock.

3. How does the Mutual Fund SIP Calculator work?

An SIP Calculator provides results based on the values that you enter in the input fields:

  • Amount to invest: Enter the monthly SIP amount you wish to invest.
  • Number of Instalments: Enter the number of SIP instalments.
  • Frequency: Select whether you want to make monthly or quarterly instalments.
  • Expected rate of return: Here, you can select an approximate rate of return. Note that the actual rate of returns can differ.

After you enter the values, click on Calculate. The calculator will show you the estimated value of your investment at the end of the instalments and the value of your returns.

4. What are the benefits of SIP?

SIP comes with an array of benefits as listed below:

  • You can invest in a SIP with a nominal amount of Rs. 500 each month to begin with.
  • Achieve long term goals with segregated investments at regular intervals.
  • SIPs offer the benefit of a stable investment opportunity even through a volatile market.
  • SIPs inculcate discipline for savings. By starting early, you can make most of the benefits of a SIP investment over a long tenure. Before investing, you can determine the specific amount and tenure with the aid of the SIP investment calculator.

5. How can I begin investing in a SIP?

There are two ways for investment in a SIP:

  • Fill up a physical form of the chosen mutual fund scheme. Together with the purchase request form attach a cheque for first-time investment and submit it at your HDFC Bank branch
  • You can begin your SIP online. By logging into your NetBanking account and opting for investment in mutual funds.

6. How do I choose the right date for SIP?

There is no specific formula to choose the right date. It is imperative to select the date for SIP when you know you have the funds in your bank account for direct debit. Before you proceed, you could utilise the SIP Calculator to ascertain the return on your investment. It is advisable to select a date post 10th of every month to have trouble-free investment experience.

7. What if I miss my SIP payment date?

There is an auto-debit feature linked to every SIP transaction you opt for. It is impossible to miss your SIP payment date. The amount is automatically debited from your bank account on the chosen SIP date.

8. What if I don’t have sufficient funds in my bank account?

For whatever reason, you don’t have the availability of sufficient funds in your bank account. The only glitch is that you will miss one SIP instalment. Your SIP investment remains active.

9. Can I reduce my SIP amount?

You can either stop your current SIP or begin a new SIP with a new lower amount.

10. What is the maximum tenure of a SIP?

SIP investments have no maximum tenure. You can stay invested in Mutual Funds via SIP as long as you want.

11. Can I modify my SIP amount?

Typically, once you start an SIP, you cannot change the amount midway. You can stop the SIP and start a new one with another amount. You can avail of the SIP top-up option at the time of subscription in SIP.

Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read all scheme related information carefully before investing. HDFC Bank is an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor