Classic - My Record Keeper

Classic - My Record Keeper

At HDFC Bank, your interests come first. That is why, we bring to you My Record Keeper, your diary for financial and other important details. 

Now, you can record all your financial information in one place. 

How to use My Record Keeper:

  • Download My Record Keeper file on your laptop or mobile. 
  • Fill in the information and save it. 
  • It is an editable PDF so you can update the information as and when required. 
  • Take a print out and store it in your safe/locker. You can also save a digital copy on your computer or an external hard drive. 
  • To secure the information further, you can also password protect the PDF. 
  • Inform your loved ones where you have kept it. 

We hope My Record Keeper truly becomes the go-to-guide for you and your loved ones whenever you need to access your financial and other important information easily.

Download My Record Keeper ​​​​​​​