Fixed Deposit - Karo Har Dil Roshan

Fixed Deposit - Karo Har Dil Roshan

Book an HDFC Bank Fixed Deposit and HDFC Bank will make a donation to Give India for a cause you believe in, on your behalf

HDFC bank will pay for the donation on your behalf and you will not be charged anything for the same.

Terms & Conditions:

1.  Donation will be done at customer level i.e. single donation per customer.

2.  This offer is only for FD booking from 8th October to 30th November 2021 through any channels of HDFC Bank

3.  Offer will be applicable for FDs booked during promo period and live for 30 days from the date of booking

4.  This offer is valid for HDFC Bank customers

5.  HDFC Bank has joined hands with GiveIndia to provide their customers with a unique opportunity to support NGOs that work in the field of education, to create a better environment, to empower women from marginalised communities and to support the elderly in need. Choose a cause close to your heart and make a contribution that has the power to make a real difference:

1.  Support a child’s education ​​​​​


     Isha Vidya rural schools have been started in villages with the sole aim of providing education access to rural underprivileged children. The holistic activity based approach nurtures children's development beyond just academics, ensuring that students realize their full potential and learn in a joyful manner. Donate now to provide a brighter tomorrow for a child in need.

2.  Plant a tree, save the environment


     SankalpTaru is on a mission to create a healthy, green and clean planet through tree plantation. Along with diligent greening efforts, they strive to uplift and assist the rural communities, while promoting extensive agriculture across the nation and making it a happy-green paradise. Donate now and plant a tree today.

3.  Help women become self-reliant


     Janvikas aims to enhance the skills of women from marginalised communities, in non-traditional livelihood programmes, as drivers. This will not only help women in need become self-reliant but will also provide safe travel to women in Ahmedabad. Janvikas also ensures that these trained and qualified women drivers are placed in secure jobs as professional chauffeurs and also take charge of their lives. Donate now, empower women.

4.  Help Support the Elderly


     Loneliness Mitigation center by Dignity Foundation are activity centers for the elderly. Routine activities arranged at the Loneliness mitigation center to promote development of senior citizens in slums with the main objective of ensuring participation of senior citizens, building peer based social capital, and improving health and psychological well being. Donate now and be the reason behind the smile of an elderly person

6.  HDFC Bank will donate Rs.10 for every FD booked (only one per unique customer) on behalf of the customer to Give India for a cause selected by the customer.

7.  HDFC Bank reserves the right to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, at any time, without previous notice and from time to time, withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel any offer, without assigning any reasons thereof. In case of any dispute or discretion, HDFC Bank’s decision shall be binding and final. The aforesaid Offers are subject to applicable law, regulations and regulatory guidelines issued by regulatory bodies and would be modified / discontinued based on the prevailing law / regulation at any point of time and neither party shall be under any liability or obligation or continue implementation of the said Offers till such time the terms are modified by the Parties as per the prevailing/ amended law/guidelines at that point of time. In the event that the Offer/’s cannot be continued without total compliance of the prevailing law or guidelines at any point of time, the said Offer shall be deemed to be terminated forthwith from the date when the amended law restricting / prohibiting the Offer comes into force.

Donation Process:

  1. Customer receives communication from HDFC Bank
  2. Customer books an FD with HDFC Bank
  3. Post 7 working days customer will receive a communication from HDFC Bank wherein they can choose the cause
  4. On selection of the cause customer will receive an e-certificate from HDFC Bank within 30 working days
  5. Customer can share the e-certificate with friends and family via social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc.