Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • ​​​​​​​Items deposited are subject to subsequent verification and scrutiny for any discrepancies which will be notified to the account holder.
  • This deposit slip is only a record of deposits over the counter and does not purport to be a credit advice. Credits will be reflected in the statement of account.
  • Items drawn on other banks/branches in the city will be sent for clearing as per clearing house rules/directives.
  • Items payable outside city of deposit will be sent for collection and proceeds credited on realisation. Items which are purchased/discounted at the deposit holder's request will be sent for collection for realisation. If the payment of the item is not received, the Bank reserves the right to debit the depositor's account, the amount of the item including any charges, interest or out-of-pocket expenses on receipt of notice of dishonour and/or after a pre-determined period to be decided by the bank.
  • The bank acts only as the account holder's collecting agent and assumes no responsibility for the realisation of the items or the genuineness, validity and correctness of any signature and endorsement appearing thereon. Payment of items returned unpaid for any reason whatsoever will be charged back to the account irrespective of whether such items are returned to the account holder.
  • PAN Number must be mentioned in the space provided for all Cash deposits greater than Rs. 49,999/-.
  • For NRO Accounts: Please provide proof of eligibility of funds for cash/cheque being deposited in the NRO Account.
  • Collection of Foreign Currency Cheques/DD/Postal Order: These instruments are governed by clearing rules of respective Payee country and they reserve the right to return the instruments anytime. On account of such returns, Bank reserve right to debit Depositors account even after crediting of proceeds (after realization) of such instrument, at prevailing exchange rate, charges and interest.


  • Please quote your Account Number / Credit Card Number on reverse of the cheque
  • Please use separate slips for cash/ transfer cheques/local cheques & outstation cheques
  • Please ensure that name mentioned on the cheques matches with the account title maintained with us

Please note:

  • Use separate online deposit slips for cash/local cheques/outstation cheques/funds transfer cheques.
  • This online deposit slip can be used only for depositing cheques and cash. This cannot be used for Credit Card payment.
  • Please ensure that the name on the cheque matches with the account title maintained with us.
  • You can save a copy of the PDF file that is created. You can take a printout of the same whenever you want to deposit cheque or cash.
  • You need to create a separate PDF file for a different account number.