Fees & Charges for Regular Current Account before 1st November, 2013

Fees & Charges for Regular Current Account before 1st November, 2013

Description of ChargesRegular Current Account
Current Accounts with Cheque facility
Minimum Balance (Average Quarterly Balance)Rs. 10,000/-
Non-Maintenance Charges per quarterCharge of Rs.750/- per quarter
Mode of calculation of minimum average quarterly balanceAverage of daily closing balances of each day spread over a period of three months.
Cheque Book Charges (Issued by Bank)
Charges Rs 2/- per leaf
Other Current Account facilities
Account StatementFree (Monthly)+
Duplicate/Adhoc Statement
Requests through Direct Banking ChannelsRs.50/- per statement through ATM/Mobile Banking/NetBanking and Phone Banking (IVR)
At branch or PhoneBanking (Non-IVR)Rs.100/- per statement through Branch; Rs.75/- per statement through PhoneBanking (Non-IVR)
Hold Statement FacilityRs.400/- per year
Remittance facility through own Bank
Demand Drafts (DD) payable HDFC Bank Locations (Issued from any branch) / Duplicate DDDD Amount Up to Rs. 50,000 charges Rs. 40/- per DD, Above Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000- Rs. 25/- per DD, Above Rs. 100,000- Free
Pay Orders (PO) - on HDFC Bank Locations (Issued from Any Branch) / Duplicate POPO amount Up to Rs. 50,000 charges Rs. 40/- per PO, Above Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 - Rs. 25/- per PO, Above Rs. 100,000- Free
Issuance of DD/ PO through PhoneBankingAll standard charges for DD / PO are applicable as above. Only DD / PO amount upto Rs 500,000/- are accepted at Phonebanking.
DD/PO-Cancellation/RevalidationRs.50/- per instrument
NEFT/EFT Transactions :
RTGS Transactions :
PaymentsRs. 25 per transaction
Local Transactions (At home branch location)
Local cheques collections & paymentsFree
Account to Account Fund Transfer within HDFC BankFree
Anywhere Transactions (except Dahej)
Account to Account Fund Transfer within HDFC BankRs.15/- per transaction
Payment at HDFC Bank LocationsFree
Collections at HDFC Bank LocationsCharges @ Rs. 1.50/1000, min Rs. 25/- per transaction.
Bulk Transaction ChargesAll transactions are subject to a maximum of 50 transactions per month, beyond which charges @ Rs.8/- per transaction would be levied. Includes all Local / Anyhwere clearing and transfer transactions
Remittance facility through other Bank
Issue of Demand Drafts (DD) / Duplicate DD (Correspondent tieup)Rs.2.00 per Rs.1000/- Minimum Rs.50/-
DD-Cancellation / RevalidationRs.50/- per instrument
Cheque Collection
Outstation Cheque Collection at Bank Locations
Instrument ValueCharges
Upto Rs 50,000/-Rs 50/- per instrument
Above Rs 50,000/- and upto Rs 1,00,000/-Rs 100/- per instrument
Above Rs 1,00,000/-Rs 150/- per instrument
Outstation Cheque Collection at Correspondent Bank Location and Clean Location (Non-Corr Bank Location) and Non-MICR cheque
Instrument ValueCharges
Upto Rs 25,000/-Rs 50/- per instrument
Above Rs 25,000/- and upto Rs 1,00,000/-Rs 100/- per instrument
Above Rs 1,00,000/-Rs 150/- per instrument
Cheque Collection through Speed Clearing
Instrument ValueCharges
Upto Rs.100,000/-Free
Above Rs.100,000/-Rs.140/- per instrument
Bouncing of cheques- Local
Cheques Drawn on us
Due to Insufficient FundsUpto 2 instruments per month- Rs.300 per instrument.
On 3rd / 4th & 5th instrument - Rs.500 per instrument
6th Instrument onwards- Rs.750 per instrument
Due to Technical ReasonsNo Charge
Cheques Deposited Returned Unpaid
LocalRs.50/- per instance
Accounts Not maintaining AQB as of Previous QuarterRs.100/- per instance
OutstationRs.100/- per instance
Doorstep Banking **
Cash Pickup Charges (within municipal city limits)
Cash Pickup upto Rs 1 LacRs 150/- per pickup
Cash Pickup beyond Rs 1 Lac and upto Rs 2 LacRs 200/- per pickup
Cash Pickup beyond Rs 2 Lac and upto Rs 3 LacRs 300/- per pickup
Cash beyond the above limits can be offered, for further details on charges please contact your Branch Manager
Cash Transactions
Cash Deposit
Cash Deposit-Home Branch LocationFree upto Rs.2 lacs per month or 25 transactions, whichever is lower. Deposit in excess of Rs.2 lacs or 25 transactions will be charged @ Rs.3 per 1000, minimum Rs.50 per transaction.
Limit on Inter-Branch deposits (Within Home Branch City)Cash deposit at non home Branches within home branch city subject to maximum of Rs.10,000 per account per day
Cash Deposit -Non Home locationCash Deposit - Non-Home Location - Maximum Rs.10,000 per day. Charges @ Rs. 3.5 per 1000, min Rs.50 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal-Home BranchFree at Home Branch
Cash Withdrawal-Non Home Branch-Intercity & IntracityCash Withdrawal charges @ Rs.2/1000, min Rs.50 per transaction.Third party cash withdrawal allowed only up to maximum Rs. 50,000 per transaction.
Balance enquiryRs.25/-
TDS CertificateFree
Balance Confirmation CertificateRs.50/-
Interest CertificateRs.50/-
Cheque Status per instanceRs.25/-
Photo VerificationRs 100/- per instance
Address ConfirmationRs 100/- per instance
Signature VerificationRs 100/- per instance
ECS (Debit) Return Charges- Rs 350/- would be levied on first instance of ECS return in a quarter.
- Rs 750/- would be levied, second instance onwards in the same quarter.
Setting up of Standing InstructionsRs. 150/-
Any Deliverable returned by courier due to negative reasons (no such consignee/ consignee shifted and no such address)Rs 50/- per instance
TIN/IPIN Regeneration (requests received at the branch for physical dispatch)Rs 50/- per instance
SI rejectsRs 200/- per instance
Old Records / Copy of Paid Cheque
Upto 1 YearRs.50 per record
Above 1 YearRs.100 per record
Common Charges for Debit / ATM Cards
Replacement of damaged cardFree
Replacement of Lost cardRs.100
Copy Retrieval RequestRs.100
Re-Issuance of PINRs.50 (plus taxes)
Transaction Charge--HDFC Bank ATM'sBalance Inquiry - Free
Cash Withdrawal - Free
Transaction Charge--Non HDFC Bank ATM's ***
DomesticBalance Inquiry - Free
Cash Withdrawal - Rs 20 per transaction

*The Bank will charge cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions carried out on Debit Cards. The exchange rate used will be the VISA/Master Card wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction

Balance Inquiry - Rs.15 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal - Rs.110 per transaction
Transaction Decline Charge (at Non HDFC Bank ATM's)Rs. 25 per transaction
Stop Payment Charges
Particular chequeRs.50/- (FREE through Phone Banking)
Range of chequesRs.100/- (FREE through Phone Banking)
Account Closure:
Up to 14 daysNo Charge
15 days to 6 monthsRs 500/-
6 months upto 12 monthsRs 250/-
Beyond 12 monthsNo Charge
InstaAlert / Mobile Banking
Insta AlertRs 25/- per quarter
Transactions through PhoneBanking:
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Free
Non-IVR-Agent assisted-For accounts maintaining AQBFree
Non-IVR- Agent assisted - For accounts NOT maintaining AQB as of previous quarter and for transactions that are available on IVRRs.50/- per call
Debit Cards (only for Individuals & Sole Proprietorship)
Debit CardEasy ShopATM Card
Annual Fee per CardRs.250/- p.a.Rs.100 p.a.Rs.500 p.aRs.100 p.a.Free
Daily ATM LimitRs.50,000Rs.25,000Rs.50,000Rs.25,000Rs. 10,000
Daily Merchant Establishment Point of Sale LimitRs.75,000Rs.40,000Rs.75,000Rs.40,000NA
# Also available for partnership firms & limited company current accounts which have operating instructions as "Singly"

W.e.f April 1, 2012, all fees and charges mentioned in the Tariffs, Charges or Fees Brochures will attract Service Tax @ 12% and Education Cess @ 3% of the service tax amount. The same will appear as separate debits in the statements.

+For accounts maintaining AQB less than Rs.10,000/- as of previous qtr will be charged Rs.25 each for next 3 montly statement

**Available at Select locations. You need to register with the Bank for availing these services, please contact your Branch Manager for further details.

***Charges applicable w.e.f 15th Oct '09. Inclusive of service tax and educational cess.