Fees & Charges before 1st March, 2015

Fees & Charges before 1st March, 2015

Description of ChargesPlus Current Account
Current Accounts with Cheque facility
Minimum Balance (Average Quarterly Balance)Rs. 1,00,000
Non-Maintenance Charges per quarter
Charge of Rs. 6,000 per quarter, if AQB is less than Rs. 50,000
Charge of Rs. 1,500 per quarter, if AQB is less than Rs. 1,00,000 but > = Rs. 50,000
Mode of calculation of minimum average quarterly balanceAverage of daily closing balances of each day spread over a period of three months.
Cheque Book Charges (Issued by Bank)

( Customer can request for maximum 100 cheque leaves through NetBanking. For requests above 100 cheque leaves customer needs to visit the branch.)

300 cheque leaves free per month. Charge of Rs. 2 per leaf beyond 300 leaves
Other Current Account facilities
Account StatementFree(Monthly)+
Duplicate/Adhoc Statement
Requests through Direct Banking ChannelsRs.50/- per statement through ATM/Mobile Banking/NetBanking and Phone Banking (IVR)
At branch or PhoneBanking (Non-IVR)Rs.100/- per statement through Branch; Rs.75/- per statement through PhoneBanking (Non-IVR)
Hold Statement FacilityRs.400/- per year
Remittance facility through own Bank
Demand Drafts (DD) payable HDFC Bank Locations (Issued from any branch) / Duplicate DDUp to 50 free DDs per month. Above 50 DDs, charges @ Rs. 25 per Demand Draft.
Pay Orders (PO) - on HDFC Bank Locations (Issued from Any Branch) / Duplicate POUp to 50 free PO's per month. Above 50 PO's, charges @ Rs. 25 per Pay Order.
Issuance of DD/ PO through PhoneBankingAll standard charges for DD / PO are applicable as above.
Only DD / PO amount up to Rs. 5,00,000 are accepted at Phonebanking.
DD/PO Cancellation/RevalidationRs. 50 per instrument
NEFT/EFT Transactions :
RTGS Transactions :
Local Transactions (At home branch location)
Local cheques collections & paymentsFree
Account to Account Fund Transfer within HDFC BankFree
Anywhere Transactions (except Dahej)
Account to Account Fund Transfer within HDFC BankFree
Payments at HDFC Bank LocationsFree
Collections at HDFC Bank LocationsFree
Bulk Transaction ChargesAll above transaction are subject to a maximum of 250 transaction per month beyond which charges @ Rs.10/- per transaction would be levied. Includes all Local/Anywhere clearing & Funds transfer transactions
Remittance facility through other Bank
Issue of Demand Drafts (DD) / Duplicate DD (Correspondent tie-up)Rs. 2 per Rs. 1,000 Minimum Rs. 50 per DD
DD-Cancellation / RevalidationRs. 50 per instrument
Cheque Collection
Outstation Cheque Collection at Bank Locations
Instrument ValueCharges
Any AmountRs. 20 per instrument
Outstation Cheque Collection at Correspondent Bank Location
Instrument ValueCharges
Up to Rs. 35,000Rs. 50 per instrument
Above Rs. 35,000 and up to Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 100 per instrument
Above Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 150 per instrument
Outstation Cheque Collection at Clean Location
Instrument ValueCharges
Up to Rs. 25,000Rs. 50 per instrument
Above Rs. 25,000 and up to Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 100 per instrument
Above Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 150 per instrument
Cheque Collection through Speed Clearing
Instrument ValueCharges
Up to Rs. 1,00,000Free
Above Rs. 1,00,000Rs. 15 per instrument
Bouncing of cheques- Local
Cheques Drawn on us
Due to Insufficient FundsUp to 2 instruments per month - Rs. 300 per instrument. On 3rd / 4th & 5th instrument - Rs. 500 per instrument 6th Instrument onwards - Rs. 750 per instrument
Due to Technical ReasonsNo Charge
Cheques Deposited Returned Unpaid
LocalRs. 50 per Instrument
Accounts Not maintaining AQB as of Previous QuarterRs. 50 per instance
OutstationRs. 50 per Instrument
Bouncing of cheques- outstation- through own bankRs. 50 per Instrument
Bouncing of cheques- outstation- through another bankRs. 50 per Instrument
Doorstep Banking **
Cash Pickup Charges (within municipal city limits)
Cash Pick-up up to Rs. 1 LakhRs. 150 per pick-up
Cash Pick-up beyond Rs. 1 Lakh and up to Rs. 2 LakhsRs. 200 per pick-up
Cash Pick-up beyond Rs. 2 Lakhs and up to Rs. 3 LakhsRs. 300 per pick-up
Cash beyond the above limits can be offered, for further details on charges please contact your Branch Manager
Cash Transactions
Cash Deposit
Cash Deposit-Home Branch LocationUpto Rs.10 Lacs free per month or 50 transactions whichever is less. Deposits in excess of Rs.10 Lacs free per month or 50 transactions will be charged @ Rs.3 per Rs.1000, minimum of Rs.50/- per transaction
Limit on Inter-Branch deposits (Within Home Branch CityCash deposit at non home Branches within home branch city subject to maximum of Rs. 1,00,000 per account per day
Cash Deposit -Non Home LocationUpto Rs.2 Lacs free per month or 5 transactions whichever is less. Deposits in excess of Rs.2 Lacs free per month or 5 transactions will be charged @ Rs.3.5 per Rs.1000, minimum of Rs.50/- per transaction (Maximum Deposit allowed up to Rs.1,00,000 per day
Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal-Home BranchFree at Home Branch
Cash Withdrawal-Non Home Branch-Inter-city & Intra-cityFree cash withdrawals upto Rs.1,00,000/- per day, beyond which charges @ Rs.2/1000, min Rs.50/-per transaction on incremental amount; Third party cash withdrawal allowed only up to maximum Rs. 50,000/- per transaction.
Balance enquiryRs. 25
TDS CertificateFree
Balance ConfirmationRs. 50
Interest CertificateRs. 50
Cheque Status per instanceRs. 25
Photo VerificationRs. 100 per instance
Address ConfirmationRs. 100 per instance
Signature VerificationRs. 100 per instance
Setting up of Standing InstructionsNil
Any Deliverable returned by courier due to negative reasons (no such consignee/ consignee shifted and no such address)Rs. 50 per instance
TIN/IPIN Regeneration (requests received at the branch for physical dispatch)Rs. 50 per instance
SI rejectsRs. 200 per instance
ECS (Debit) Return ChargesRs 350/- would be levied on first instance of ECS return in a quarter
Rs 750/- would be levied, second instance onwards in the same quarter
Old Records / Copy of Paid Cheque
Up to 1 YearRs. 50 per record
Above 1 YearRs. 100 per record
Common Charges for Debit / ATM Cards
Replacement of damaged cardFree
Replacement of Lost cardRs. 200/-
Copy Retrieval RequestRs. 100
Re-Issuance of PINRs.  50 plus taxes
ATM Usage:
Transacton TypeBalance InquiryCash Withdrawal
HDFC Bank ATMsFreeFree
Non-HDFC Bank ATMs
Domestic3 transaction in 6 Cities** and 5 transactions in other than above cities free per month, beyond which charges applicable @Rs.20/- per transaction
Note : **6 Cities- Transactions done in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad ATMs will be considered

*The Bank will charge cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions carried out on Debit Cards. The exchange rate used will be the VISA/Master Card wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction

Rs.15/- per transactionRs.110/- per transaction
Transaction Decline Charge (at Non-HDFC Bank ATM's)Rs. 25 per transaction
Stop Payment Charges
Particular chequeRs. 50 (FREE through Phone Banking)
Range of chequesRs. 100 (FREE through Phone Banking)
Account Closure:
Up to 14 daysNo Charge
15 days to 6 monthsRs. 1000
6 months to 12 monthsRs. 500
More than 12 monthsNo Charge
Transactions through PhoneBanking:
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)Free
Non-IVR-Agent assisted-For accounts maintaining AQBFree
Non-IVR- Agent assisted - For accounts NOT maintaining AQB as of previous quarter and for transactions that are available on IVRRs. 50 per call
Charges on all IMPS Outgoing transactions:
Slabs (Rs)Charges Exclusive of service tax (Rs)
1 to 10,0003.5
Above 10,000 to 1 Lakhs5
Above 1 Lakh to 2 Lakhs15
Debit Cards (only for Individuals & Sole Proprietorship)
Debit CardEasy ShopATM Card
Annual Fee per CardRs. 250 p.a.Rs. 100 p.a.Rs. 500 p.a.Rs. 100 p.a.Free
Daily ATM LimitRs. 50,000Rs. 25,000Rs. 50,000Rs. 25,000Rs. 10,000
Daily Merchant Establishment Point of Sale LimitRs. 75,000Rs. 40,000Rs. 75,000Rs. 40,000NA
# Also available for partnership firms & limited company current accounts which have operating instructions as "Singly"