Silent Authentication Process

Silent Authentication Process

​​​​​​​What is Visa Safe Click (VSC)?

Visa Safe Click (VSC) is a one click payment solution from Visa for doing ecommerce transactions using Network authentication and Risk mitigation technology. Once a customer’s Visa card is registered for VSC at a particular ecommerce merchant using Android based smartphone, users will be able to make quick and safe purchases for transactions up to Rs.2000 with just a single click without any OTP. Currently VSC solution is available only at Flipkart App and on Android based smartphones.

How do I register for Visa Safe Click?

One can register for VSC by clicking on the check box on Flipkart App’s payment page. Once a customer chose to register his HDFC Bank Visa card for VSC, a onetime password (OTP) will be sent by the bank to complete the VSC registration process. After successful validation of the OTP by the bank, the customer’s card will be registered for VSC solution. For repeat transactions up to Rs. 2000 at Flipkart App, using the same device and same HDFC Bank Visa card, one need not require to enter a onetime or static password to complete that transaction.

Does Visa Safe Click work on all types of smartphones/ mobile devices?

Currently, this feature is available only on Android based smartphones.

Is Visa Safe Click (VSC) safe?

Yes. Initially VSC registration will happen basis onetime password (OTP) validation by the bank. However, for subsequent repeat transactions on the VSC registered device up to Rs. 2000, Visa Safe Click will use state of the art mobile device-based validation and advanced security systems to verify the authenticity of the transactions.

How do I deactivate Visa Safe Click?

Users can avail an option to Deactivate VSC feature from Card Details" section under "My Account" settings in Flipkart App.

Even after registering for Visa Safe Click, will I still be prompted to enter a onetime password for a transaction less than Rs. 2000?

Sometimes, for additional security reasons, one might be prompted to enter a onetime password (OTP) even for transactions up to Rs.2000 on a card that has been registered for VSC.

How many transactions without OTP can I do in a day?

After registering HDFC Bank Visa card for VSC, users can experience visa safe click solution/ functionality with maximum of five Flipkart in-app transactions per card per day on the same registered device for transactions up to Rs 2000 (here definition of one day is 24Hrs rolling period and not calendar day). Sixth transaction onwards in a day (after VSC registration) users will not be able to experience VSC transactions on Flipkart App with the same registered device. They have to De-register from VSC for doing more than five Flipkart in-app transactions per day per card using the same registered device.

VSC transactions in case of renewed/reissued/replaced cards

If users have a new/reissued/replacement card, they have to register for VSC again.

VSC transactions in case of add-on cards

If users wish to enjoy the VSC functionality on their add-on cards, they need to separately register that card into VSC.