What you must know about Mobile Phone Security

What you must know about Mobile Phone Security

7 February, 2024

In today's era, we can not imagine living without mobile phones. The mobile phone penetration has increased multi-fold, causing some places to have more mobile phones than the population!

The SIM card or the Subscriber Identity Module card is an integral part of a mobile phone's communication capability. And suppose someone can get unauthorised access to your SIM card. In that case, the potential of it causing trouble is enormous, not just for communication purposes but also for security reasons like bank accounts' sensitive information that can further lead to fraud and identaccounts'.

In this article, you will understand why you should check the SIM card status with your telecom provider and how to ensure mobile phone security: 'It's Very SIMple: Verify the SIM Card status with your Telecom Service Provider.'

Assuring security

If your SIM card gets into the wrong hands, the fraudsters can misuse it for various illegal activities. Hence, it is crucial to ensure its security. Below are some points on how you can ensure the security of your SIM card -

  1. Unauthorised usage - Your SIM card does more than enable communication with friends and family. It also serves as a mode of verifying your identity. For example - you can only use the UPI services linked with your bank account if you have the registered SIM bank on your phone. Similarly, you receive all the OTPs via your SIM card to authenticate your transactions. 

Hence, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your SIM card. By checking and verifying the SIM card status with your telecom operator, you can help reduce the chances of unauthorised usage.

  1. Loss of SIM card - If you lose your SIM card due to a misplacement or theft, you should immediately report the matter to your telecom operator. This will help you get a duplicate SIM and deactivate the lost or stolen SIM card.

By promptly deactivating the lost or stolen SIM, you prevent it from being misused for illegal activities.

By now, you must have realised why it is essential to ensure your SIM card's security. You can use HDFC Bank Vigil Aunty to learn more such tips. It will help you to gain knowledge about new scams, their prevention methods and what to do if you ever become a victim of any fraud, making you more vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Preventing service disruption for your benefit

A mobile phone will lose most of its usability without a SIM card. After all, the primary use of a mobile phone is to communicate, which in most cases will need a SIM card at some point. Below are some benefits of staying proactive in preventing the service disruption of your SIM card - 

  1. Communication - By ensuring that your SIM card works seamlessly, you can prevent any unexpected service interruptions related to your network. Ensuring sustainable communication and making the most out of your mobile phone. 

  2. Solving SIM-related problems - There might be some problems with your SIM card that you may have overlooked. Such issues can range from unpaid bills to expiring SIM cards or a technical problem. By periodically checking the status of your SIM card, you can ensure prompt action and timely redressal of any such issues. 

  3. Added costs - If your SIM card expires, you might have to pay additional charges for its renewal or to get a duplicate SIM. By checking the status of your SIM card at regular intervals, you can avoid any late fees or overdue penalties associated with such charges and save some money!

Optimising SIM card services

Ensuring you have the proper services enabled on your SIM card is essential. The following points will tell you why you need to optimise SIM card-related services - 

  1. Upgrade services - With the constant shift in technology, the quality of the network and available network banks is also changing. Based on your requirements and the region you reside in, you might want to upgrade your service from, say, 4G to 5G. By checking the status of your SIM card, you can get to know the available level of services and inquire about the same basis your needs. 

This will also help you make the most out of the services provided by your telecom operator and gain the maximum utility of your SIM card.

  1. Network operator - Checking your SIM card status can also help you evaluate the quality of your current network coverage. If you are facing constant network issues like call drops or slow internet speed, it might be worth exploring other telecom operators. This will help you get better connectivity and save money across different network plans.

  2. Customisation - Based on your changing requirements, you might need dynamic value-added services from your telecom operator. For example, if you intend to travel abroad, you would need international roaming on your SIM card as one of the connectivity options. 

By checking your SIM card, you can also weigh the cost and benefit of different value-added services and choose the one that best fits your needs!

If you check the status of your SIM card periodically, you can ensure a better quality of services for yourself and avoid various SIM card issues!

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