Who Should Apply To Co-Lab Program

Who Should Apply To Co-Lab Program

23 June, 2023

If you ask successful business persons their success mantra, they will typically spout buzz words like patience, persistence, and hard work. While these virtues are undeniably critical, factors like funding, mentorship, and technical and financial know-how play an even bigger role in contributing to a business’ success. In many cases, it takes years to transform an idea into a tangible business. But what if you could access a program that assists your business in its nascent stages? Yes, you can sign up for Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures. Let’s find out more about it along with the eligibility criteria to qualify for Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures.

Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures Brief Overview

Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures is a platform powered by HDFC Bank in association with Pravega Ventures. It is a one-of-it-kind co-creation LAB that provides innovative and ground-breaking tech start-ups the opportunity to collaborate with India’s Number 1 bank.

By signing up for this program, you can get access to expert mentorship to co-create future-ready fintech. The program aims to guide your growth-driven fintech start-up to become commercially successful. It provides the necessary tools to help you formulate business and technical solutions that can transform the fintech space.

What Types Of Startups Can Apply For Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures In India?

Your chances of being shortlisted increase if your startup focuses on the following domains

  • SME Tech

    With India currently undergoing a digital transformation, the MSME sector is not to be left behind. Startups that are focused on addressing challenges faced by SMEs and the under-served segments are encouraged to apply for the this program and leverage bank distribution. HDFC Bank has already partnered with several startups in this domain and remains committed to fostering further innovation in this area.

  • Payment Tech

    India has emerged as a frontrunner in the global payments landscape, fuelled by the exponential growth of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). Yet, the journey of innovation in payments is far from complete. Entrepreneurs aiming to revolutionise consumer payments, B2B transactions, cross-border remittances, and UPI-based credit are invited to apply to this program.

  • Retail Asset

    HDFC Bank, being one of the leading lenders in the market, is particularly interested in startups that enhance access, efficiency, and customer experience within the existing banking processes. Such startups would be an excellent fit for the program.

  • Wealth Tech

    India's wealth sector has experienced unprecedented development in recent times. As a thriving young economy, India has seen a surge in affluent individuals looking for innovative investment opportunities and personalised services. By applying to the program, you can gain access to the extensive customer base of the bank, opening doors to exciting possibilities.

  • Fintech Infrastructure

    Fintech infrastructure companies are essential for the growth and innovation of the financial services industry, and their importance is only increasing. With the emergence of AA and OCEN, there is immense untapped value awaiting in India. By participating in the program, you will be positioned as a bridge between established incumbents and gaining access to new customer segments, unlocking exciting opportunities.

Let your Fintech Business Take Flight With Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures

Co-Lab by HDFC Bank & Pravega Ventures is specially designed for businesses in the financial technology space. Companies that have already been operational for at least three to four years, and have already built a product or a service that HDFC Bank can also utilise to enhance its operations are invited to apply. Applying to the program can give your business the wings to soar high.

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*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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