Contactless account opening, secure digital transactions and more with HDFC Bank

Since the time you opened your first Savings Account as a college student, your personal and financial goals have undergone significant changes, making it essential to reflect on your banking habits. In fact, having multiple Savings Accounts - one for each saving purpose can reap you many benefits in the long run. Accordingly, you can transfer a specific sum of money periodically to each account and adopt financial discipline. 

A Savings Account is not just a safe space for your funds but also an income-generating avenue that enables your idle money to grow over time. And since going digital is the way forward, HDFC Bank provides you with the option of opening an account digitally via the InstaAccount website or app. Contactless or remote banking is now a possibility! Just enter your details, upload a few documents, become an HDFC Bank customer and get access to a wide range of contactless financial services.

Here are the perks of opening a Savings Account with India's No.1 Bank**

Banking from anywhere and anytime 

By enabling HDFC Bank NetBanking option, you can undertake about 200 banking transactions including checking account balance, requesting for a cheque book, cancelling cheques, transferring money online and more. Furthermore, HDFC Bank MobileBanking helps you accomplish over 100 financial tasks; you can even speed up the process by designing to-do lists, accessing favourite transactions and downloading receipts on your phone. And with the HDFC Bank Lite app, you don’t even need an internet connection to access banking services, making it ideal to bank 24X7. With these features from HDFC Bank, you can truly manage your finances at your fingertips. 

Contactless Cards

A faster way to check out at billing counters is to Tap and Pay with HDFC Bank Contactless Debit or Credit Cards. With these cards, for transactions up to Rs 5000, you no longer have to enter your PIN or sign. Just simply tap your card over the POS device, and your payment is completed in seconds. This way, the hassle of handling cash is eliminated. And if you are worried about safety, note that Tap-to-Pay technology is much more secure and reliable than other payment modes. Besides, HDFC Bank Cards have both RFID chip and PIN encryption, so your data is 100% protected. 

Online payment options

Payment solutions such as HDFC Bank’s PayZapp enables you to make payments in just one simple click. You can even use it for quick and secure bill payments and online recharge. And with HDFC Bank SmartBuy, you can shop for a wide range of items on Amazon & Flipkart, compare prices and book flight tickets, hotels and more. 

Enjoy lucrative deals and quality service 

HDFC Bank regularly extends offers and discounts to its customers. Be it on shopping, loans, bill payments, EMI purchases or others; new offers are launched on a timely basis. Customers are also given exclusive offers such as CashBack, Reward Points, and vouchers to be loyal and complete milestones. And when it comes to support, your bank staff is always at your service. And for assistance beyond working hours, EVA the chatbot is available. 

A Savings Account is a safe avenue to park your funds. So, understand your spending and saving habit and pick a Savings Account from HDFC Bank that best fits your needs. 

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*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

**Based on Retail Loan book size (excluding mortgages). Source: Annual Reports FY 19-20 and No.1 on market capitalisation based on BSE data as on 31st Dec, 2020