Video Kyc Bank Account Opening: How to Do Video KYC?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a mandatory process used by banking and financial institutions to verify your identity. Thanks to digital innovations and permissions from the Reserve Bank of India, you can now complete this verification via video calls. Let’s take a look at the procedure on how to do your video KYC with HDFC Bank.

So, how does video KYC work?

As opposed to physically visiting a bank, you can complete your account opening digitally through Aadhaar OTP based E-KYC and then click and connect on a video call with bank official for an audio-video based verification.

What do you need during video KYC?

  • A smartphone with stable mobile network connectivity

  • A blank white sheet of paper and a black or blue pen

  • Original PAN Card

  • Presence in India

How to do video KYC online?

Video KYC based account helps you gain full access to all banking features.

Here’s how to do video KYC online.

  1. Complete your Digital Account opening through Aadhaar OTP based E-KYC.

  2. Consent for Video KYC option and click on the video KYC link on the final page of the account opening section. This link is also sent via SMS and is valid for 3 days from the time it is generated.

  3. Click on the link to start your Video KYC. The Video KYC Service desk is operational between 10:00 am to 11:59 pm on all days including Saturdays & Sundays (Except national holidays).

  4. Allow camera, microphone, and location access.

  5. Let the HDFC Bank Official click your photograph, verify your original PAN, and take your signature once you are connected.

Once Video KYC is successfully updated, the account will be activated and upgraded to the account of your choice. If there are connecting issues, you can try the same link. Make sure you reconnect within 3 days. The link expires after that. Moreover, if the verification fails, your video KYC is incomplete. In these cases, you will have to visit the nearest Branch with Physical KYC Documents to get a Full KYC All Benefit Account. 

HDFC Bank will dispatch your welcome-kit to your registered mailing address once the full KYC is completed.

Video KYC is an easy and safe method of account opening. Get started with HDFC Bank InstaAccount.

You can now open your HDFC Bank InstaAccount by clicking here.

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