How to Open Instant Savings Account with HDFC Bank InstaAccount

With the advancement of technology, you can do so many things without stepping out of your home. From shopping to bill payments, even banking. But, what if you could open an Instant Savings and Salary account in minutes? Yes, it is possible, and we can show you how to open this Account instantly

At HDFC Bank, we strive to bring you seamless and safe experiences. Our latest product, the HDFC Bank InstaAccount, takes things to the next level. You can now open this instant bank account in minutes. The moment you complete the set-up process, you are given your Account Number and Customer ID.

Your HDFC Bank InstaAccount is auto-enabled with NetBanking and MobileBanking. You can maximise these platforms to carry out any banking transactions. Hence, the moment the funds are in your account, you can begin utilising your account. Let us walk you through the process to open an instant bank account. 

Before we proceed with the steps on how to open an insta Account , you'll have to keep the below information ready. Here's what you'll need: 

  • Aadhar Card Number
  • PAN Card 
  • Operational mobile number

Now, let's move forward to the steps to open InstaAccount online as follows: 

Step 1:
Visit the HDFC Bank Instant Account page by clicking here or download the HDFC Bank Instant Account app from the Playstore.​​​​​​​

Step 2: 
Enter your mobile number

Step 3: 
Upload your Aadhar Card for KYC documentation check. Authenticate your document via an OTP 

Step 4: 
Complete the other account-related information. Click Submit. 

Your InstaAccount is set up in four easy steps with minimal documentation. It is advisable to reset your password to activate NetBanking. Once you complete the steps on how to instantly open bank account online. You need to keep in mind that the InstaAccount is valid only for a year given that it uses limited KYC and customer identification process. Within this time frame from account opening online to the usage of the account, you will need to visit any of our HDFC Bank branches to complete the KYC formalities and convert this into a regular account of your preferred choice. 

Get Online Saving Account Opening in secure and simple Video Kyc process of an HDFC Bank.

We have completed the steps to open instant Bank Account, let's see on how to use the account. Since you are pre-registered with the NetBanking platform, you need to reset your password. Once your account number is generated, a link will be sent to you through email to set your IPIN based on a spilt OTP, and this means that you will receive part of your OTP on email and part of your OTP on mobile. 

Once you complete these steps, if you have given your consent for Third party fund transfer (TPT) Registration during Account opening your TPT will be registered within 48 hours. Once TPT is activated you can login to NetBanking and complete the Risk Secure Access registration (set image & Challenge questions) basis SMS OTP.Once this is done you can transfer funds into your account from elsewhere. With your HDFC Bank InstaAccount, you can manage banking transactions as well as check your balance requirement as and when needed. 

Thus, with our InstaAccount, we offer a digital facility to set up your instant Salary and Savings Account within a couple of minutes even if you're on the go. Our account is for the professional, a fresh graduate or a retired individual. So what are you waiting for? Set up your HDFC Bank InstaAccount today. Click here to know more about HDFC Bank InstaAccount.