The role your Savings Account plays in opening new avenues to manage your money better

For a lot of people, a Savings Account is their introduction to the financial and banking system. This account's popularity stems from the fact that it can be used for multiple purposes, thus helping you handle your money better. While earlier, there was just one type of Savings Account where you could deposit money and earn interest, today it has evolved to offer a range of benefits. 

With a wide array of features, here’s how HDFC Bank Savings Account can help you manage your finances at ease: 

Safe avenue for you to pool your income and spend from it

If you are looking to park your funds in a safe instrument, a Savings Account is a good bet. Since there are no limits on cheques deposited and payments made through a, you can collect your earning from different sources and hold it safely in a Savings Account. Besides being very easy to operate, it is highly liquid; allowing you to make withdrawals up to a specified limit at any given time in a month. 

With HDFC Bank Savings Max Account, you can maximise earnings from idle money with automatic sweep-in facility where surplus funds are automatically put in a Fixed Deposit. It also offers additional benefits like unlimited ATM withdrawals and free accident hospitalisation insurance worth Rs. 1 lakh. What makes Savings Accounts even more secure is that they are insured up to Rs. 5 lakh under Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC).

Let's you automate your payments

Make your monthly bill payments hassle-free and seamless by setting up automatic payments from your Savings Account. Facilities such as BillPay enable account holders to make payments for utility charges such as electricity, phone bills directly through their Savings account. This way, you can efficiently manage your monthly expenditure. 

Let's you carry secure transactions online

Value-added services such as NetBanking and MobileBanking let you conduct transactions online conveniently and securely 24/7. Simply download the mobile app or log in on the bank’s website with your username and password and access your account to make or receive payments from anywhere. Online transactions through IMPS/NEFT/RTGS/UPI are free. HDFC Bank Speciale Gold And Special Platinum Savings Account provides enhanced online and offline transaction limits. 

Plan your purchases

Rewards, CashBack offers, special discounts and EasyEMI options are some perks attached to Debit Cards and Credit Cards you can obtain on your Savings Account. You can even use HDFC Bank e-commerce platform SmartBuy and mobile wallet PayZapp to save on your spending.

Effectively track your spends and savings 

Keeping a tab on your extensive bank transactions can be cumbersome, especially if you operate multiple Savings Accounts. However, with NetBanking and MobileBanking, your bank statements are at your fingertips. Besides free email statements and InstaAlerts for all account holders, HDFC Bank also allows you to stop cheque payments via SMS, thereby making your banking experience very user-friendly. 

Whether you are a young working professional, a senior citizen or a parent, a budding entrepreneur, a Savings Account is almost indispensable for your financial needs irrespective of your background.  And with HDFC Bank, you can choose from different types of Savings Accounts to suit your requirements. To make things easier, with HDFC Bank you can now open a Savings Account via InstaAccount website and app from the comfort of your home.

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