Save on your tap and pay transactions with HDFC Bank Savings Account

Banking technology has constantly been improving to make financial management quicker, safer and more accessible. One such provision is contactless payment, which has emerged as an essential practice to help you save time and ensure a smooth payment experience. Contactless Cards were widely used even before the pandemic, and its importance has only grown in current times. By simply tapping your HDFC Bank Contactless Card on a POS device, you can complete your transaction in seconds; you don’t have to enter your PIN or sign*. This way, you can check out faster at billing counters

Paying the easy way has several benefits, and with HDFC Bank Contactless Debit Cards, here’s how you can save while you spend: 

Your weekly grocery runs can now end on a happy note, thanks to HDFC Bank’s e-commerce platform SmartBuy where you can avail 1% CashBack on a minimum transaction of Rs 1000 or above. A maximum CashBack of Rs 50 is also up for grabs when purchasing medicines or making a restaurant payment.  

Planning a weekend getaway or a picnic with your family? As an HDFC Bank customer, you don’t have to hold back on the miles you cover. Tank up on fuel and get a 1% CashBack by paying with your HDFC Bank Contactless Debit Card. Look for the Contactless symbol on your card or check if the store has a Tap to Pay facility. Tap your HDFC Bank Debit Card on the POS device for transactions up to Rs 5000, and voila, your transaction is approved. 

You can save up to Rs 200 each month on fuel, groceries, medicines and restaurant payments with your HDFC Bank Contactless card. 

Apply here for Online Saving Account Opening in a secure and easy process.

Applying for an HDFC Bank Contactless Card is easy, and you can do it either from the HDFC Bank website or through the MobileBanking app. And if you don’t have an HDFC Bank Savings Account yet, join our community of 3 million customers via the InstaAccount process. You can now open a Savings Account with India’s No.1 Bank from the comfort of your home through a secure online process. Just fill in your details and upload supporting documents to unlock a range of generous offers. Apart from Contactless payments, there are tons of additional benefits worth Rs 5800 on your Debit Card:

- With the Standing Instruction facility on Debit Cards, you can avail of a 5% CashBack while automatically making payments through BillPay. Set an SI on rental bills, utility payments, telecom bills, and avail this offer on the first 12 months and first-time registration.            

- Your shopping spree will have a new destination with SmartBuy – you can enjoy CashBack worth Rs 1000. 

- To streamline your payments in one place, HDFC Bank has introduced digital wallet PayZapp; you can save up to Rs 2000 while making a payment through it. 

- You can automate your monthly payments to save time and effort and get a CashBack of up to Rs 1800 on automatic bill payments. 

A Savings Account is one of the most important steps you take in your journey to becoming financially independent. And HDFC Bank ensures instant, secure and seamless banking with several offers that help you maximise your savings. Click here to open your Savings Account now.

*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

*Based on Retail Loan book size (excluding mortgages). Source: Annual Reports FY 19-20 and No.1 on market capitalisation based on BSE data as on 31st Dec, 2020