What is CNF & RC in Train Ticket?

What is CNF & RC in Train Ticket?

21 May, 2024


  • Indian Railways uses various codes to denote ticket reservation and confirmation statuses.

  • CNF indicates a confirmed booking whereas RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation.

  • You can book confirmed and RAC tickets within minutes on HDFC Bank’s PayZapp platform.

In India, train travel is the most preferred and economical mode of travelling. With the vast rail network, you can travel to any corner of the country by booking your tickets online through the IRCTC portal. HDFC Bank’s PayZapp has integrated IRCTC on its platform, allowing you to book tickets effortlessly. Now, when you set out to book your tickets and check availability, and when you get your tickets, you may notice certain codes on them. CNF and RC or RAC are two such codes. So, let’s try to decode what is CNF in train ticket. Also, find out what is RC in train ticket to know your booking status better.

What Is CNF In Train Booking?

When you book a train ticket in India, the goal is to secure a confirmed seat or berth. A Confirmed (CNF) status indicates that your reservation has been successful, and you have a guaranteed seat on the train for the specified journey, under a specific travel class.

What Is RC In Train Ticket Booking?

Reservation Against Cancellation, commonly known as both, RC and RAC, is another booking status you might encounter when you book a train ticket. Unlike CNF, where you have a confirmed seat, RC implies that while your reservation is confirmed, it is provisional. In simpler terms, RC guarantees you a place on the train but a specific seat or berth is yet to be assigned.

CNF vs RAC Bookings – How They Differ

While both CNF and RAC tickets usually materialise into confirmed bookings, there is a slight difference. CNF assures you of a confirmed seat or berth, providing peace of mind and convenience throughout the journey. On the other hand, RC offers a provisional reservation, ensuring that you have a spot on the train, but you have to keep waiting to find out your allocated berth until the last minute.

With CNF tickets, there is no doubt about your reservation, but with RAC, the booking status can change right up to a few minutes before the train’s departure date. If your RAC status is not confirmed, you can cancel the ticket and get a refund.

How to Book a Confirmed Ticket?

If you do not want the hassles of worrying about an RAC ticket, or worse a wait-listed ticket, wherein your have to wait for other passengers to cancel their tickets and increase your chance of getting a confirmed ticket, you must book your tickets in advance. The IRCTC opens the ticket windows at least 4 months or 120 days in advance. With advance booking, you get the opportunity to book your seats in your preferred travel class, plus you get the option to choose your preferred side/berth (window, aisle, lower berth/upper berth, etc.). To book your confirmed train tickets conveniently, you can use HDFC Bank’s PayZapp app.

Reasons To Choose PayZapp to Book Train Tickets

Choosing PayZapp Online Payment App to book your train tickets proves incredibly advantageous:

  • PayZapp is a user-friendly app which employs secure authentication protocols, while assisting with speedy ticket bookings.

  • PayZapp integrates the IRCTC platform seamlessly. You just need to link your existing IRCTC account to PayZapp once to book tickets at any time.

  • You don’t have to worry about forgetting your IRCTC password once it is linked to PayZapp.

  • You can see the different trains running on your chosen routes and the number of seats available in each travel class.

  • You can get 3X Reward Points and up to 5% Cashback, when you book tickets on PayZapp.

  • PayZapp’s Help Centre section assists you with your travel bookings, should you need help.

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Planning a Trip? Let PayZapp Help You

In this modern digital era, having an app that streamlines your payments, shopping, and travel bookings, is a real blessing. HDFC Bank’s PayZapp does exactly that. PayZapp has revolutionised travel bookings, offering a more convenient and efficient way to manage your reservations. With features like real-time updates, easy booking processes, and rewards on transactions, PayZapp is an all-in-one app you need on your smartphone.

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