What are the Flight Cancellation Charges?

What are the Flight Cancellation Charges?

14 May, 2024


  • Airlines and travel aggregators platforms typically levy a flight cancellation charge when you cancel your flight travel tickets.

  • They consider several factors while calculating the cancellation charges, such as the ticket type, fare, and when the cancellation request is placed.

  • You can conveniently book your flight and cancel flight tickets through HDFC Bank’s PayZapp mobile app.

Once considered a luxury for the select few, air travel is more mainstream than ever today. To cater to the myriad of travellers, the aviation industry giants have pivoted and have now made flight bookings and cancellations more accessible for travellers through their websites and travel aggregator platforms. You can also find travel aggregators on HDFC Bank’s PayZapp Shop and easily book and cancel your flight tickets on this platform. If you choose to cancel your ticket on any platform, you typically have to bear a flight booking cancellation charge. In this article, we’ve explained what flight cancellation charges are, how they are calculated, and strategies to reduce the charges. Read on.

What Are Flight Booking Cancellation Charges?

Flight booking cancellation charges refer to the fees imposed by airlines or booking platforms when you cancel your flight reservations. These charges vary depending on factors such as the airline’s cancellation policy, the time remaining until the departure date, and the type of ticket you’ve purchased – fare saver, flexible, 100% refund, etc, and other similar factors.

Typically, cancellation charges can range from a nominal fee to a percentage of the ticket price. In some cases, if you could be eligible for maximum or total refund while in others, if you booked a fare saver ticket, you may not be eligible for refunds. This could be because the airline may have provided the ticket at the lowest price possible, leading to total forfeiture of the fare.

Understanding these charges is important to make informed decisions and mitigate your financial losses when altering your travel plans.

Factors Influencing Flight Cancellation Charges

Following are the key factors that directly impact flight cancellation charges:

  • Time of Cancellation:- 

    Airlines typically impose higher charges for cancellations made closer to the departure date. This is because last-minute cancellations make it challenging for airlines to resell the vacated seats, resulting in revenue loss.

  • Fare Type: -

    The type of fare paid also influences cancellation charges. If you book a non-refundable tickets, you can get the tickets at affordable rates but you may not be eligible for a flight ticket cancellation refund. Conversely, flexible and refundable tickets offer more lenient cancellation terms but are often more expensive.

  • Destination and Route: - 

    Cancellation charges may also vary based on your chosen travel destination and route. Popular routes with higher demand may have stricter cancellation policies compared to less-travelled ones.

  • Booking Channel: - 

    Cancellation charges may differ depending on whether the booking was made directly through the airline, via a travel aggregator website or a third-party service provider like a travel agent.

Calculation of Cancellation Charges

Cancellation charges are typically determined based on several factors, including the time of cancellation, fare type, destination, and booking channel. Cancellation charges are calculated as a percentage of the total fare or a fixed amount, depending on the airline’s policy.

For example, a cancellation request placed within the first 24 hours of the flight booking may be eligible for a full refund, while cancellation requests placed closer to the departure date may incur charges ranging from 50% to 100% of the ticket price.

How To Mitigate Cancellation Charges

While cancellation charges are often non-negotiable, there are strategies you can employ to minimise their impact:

  • Book Flexible Fares: - 

    You can opt for flexible or refundable fares. While such tickets appear more expensive upfront, they can offer greater flexibility in case your travel plans change.

  • Consider Travel Insurance: -

    You can insure your trip with travel insurance. Such policies may cover cancellation charges and safeguard you from incurring financial losses during unexpected events where you may need to alter your travel plans.

  • Be Mindful of the Timing: - 

    It also helps to avoid last-minute cancellations whenever possible. Changing your travel plans at the last hour typically attracts the highest charges.

  • Review Policies Before Booking: - 

    You must familiarise yourself with the cancellation policies of the airline or booking platform before making a reservation to avoid any last-minute surprises.

How To Cancel Flight Tickets Booked Via PayZapp

Following is the process to cancel flight tickets booked via PayZapp:

  1. Login to your PayZapp Payment App account and go to the ‘Shop’ tab on the homepage.

  2. Click on ‘Flights’ and you will be redirected to the HDFC bank SmartBUY page.

  3. Click on your profile and tab and go to ‘My orders & bookings.’

  4. Select the flight to be cancelled from the list on the page.

  5. Follow the instructions to cancel the booking.

If you are eligible for a refund, you will receive the same per the respective airline’s refund policy.

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*Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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