What are RLWL Ticket Confirmation Chances?

What are RLWL Ticket Confirmation Chances?

9 May, 2024


  • RLWL stands for Remote Location Waiting List Tickets

  • RLWL tickets are typically used for intermediate stations, which are usually the most important stations on a train route

  • You can book confirmed and last-minute train tickets on HDFC Bank’s PayZapp app.

Travelling by train is as fun as it is convenient. Today, you can book your train tickets online, instead of visiting train stations or paying travel agents. If you have an existing IRCTC account, you can link it to your HDFC Bank PayZapp app and book tickets through the app. But, how can you know if your ticket is confirmed or waitlisted? For that you need to be aware of the various booking codes, one of which is RLWL. Let’s understand what RLWL is and get insight into your chances of confirmation of RLWL tickets. But first, let’s break down the meaning of WL in train tickets.

What are WL Tickets?

The Indian Railways uses various codes to explain a ticket’s confirmation status. Typically, when your ticket is confirmed, it comprises the code CNF along with an allotted seat/berth number. However, if the train is already full, you are allotted a Wait Listed or (WL) ticket.

WL can be categorised into various types, like GNWL (General Wait Listed), PQWL (Pooled Quota Wait Listed), TQWL (Tatkal Quota Wait Listed) and RLWL (Remote Location Wait Listed), among other types.

What is an RLWL ticket?

RLWL or Remote Location Wait Listed ticket is a train ticket that is allotted to passengers who are starting their train journey from important intermediate train stations on a travel route. These important stations on a route are marked as remote locations (RL). Every remote location train station typically has a fixed, generally higher number of reserved seats.

In simple words, if the ticket quota from your closest train station (which may not be an important boarding or alighting point) is exhausted, you can book a train from a remote, important location where the quota of reserved tickets released is usually more. But, if like you, several other passengers book remote location tickets, the chances are that you may get a wait-listed or RLWL ticket.

How RLWL Tickets Work – An Example

Let’s say a train is travelling from Mumbai to Pune. The train station ‘Dadar’ is one of the most important stations on the route, whereas Karjat (which is slightly further away) is a smaller station.

To increase their chances of getting a confirmed ticket, the passenger travelling from Karjat can choose Dadar as their remote booking station but can board the train from Karjat. In doing so, their ticket might be slightly pricier but they can also increase their chances of getting a confirmed ticket.

RLWL Ticket Confirmation Chances and Other Important Facts

RLWL tickets are typically governed by a separate railways policy, in that priority and ticket confirmations generally depend on when a ticket was booked and the number of tickets cancelled for a destination confirmed ticket. Continuing with the above example; if another passenger travelling from Karjat cancels their ticket, the first passenger’s chances (who wishes to board from Karjat but has chosen Dadar as their RL station) of getting a confirmed ticket increase.

Conversely, since Remote Location stations are important stations on a route, the number of ticket cancellation requests received are usually low, which impacts the RLWL confirmation chances too. So, you cannot know your chance of confirmation of RLWL ticket since charts for all remote location stations are usually prepared only 2-4 hours before the train’s departure from the originating station.

How to Get a Guaranteed/Confirmed Train Ticket?

Getting a waitlisted ticket can be annoying. You need to keep checking if your status moves from waitlisted to confirmed. However, to avoid these hassles, you can consider booking your tickets when the booking window opens, which is usually 4 months in advance.

You can also book trains on alternate routes, find the various trains on your travel route and see the number of tickets available on a single screen using HDFC Bank’s PayZapp app.

Booking Confirmed Train Tickets on PayZapp

Here’s how you can book train tickets conveniently on your pre-downloaded PayZapp app.

  1. Login to PayZapp Payment App, click on ‘Shop’ and select ‘Trains’.

  2. Enter your departure and arrival destinations, departure date, and click on ‘Search’.

  3. Choose your preferred train, click on ‘Check Availability’ to see the tickets available and applicable ticket rates for different travel classes and click on ‘Book’.

  4. Confirm your IRCTC booking ID, enter the requested travellers’ details, accept the Terms and Conditions and click on ‘Continue’.

  5. Complete the payment process by selecting your preferred mode of payment like Credit/Debit Card, UPI, PayZapp wallet, etc.

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Simplify Train Ticket Bookings – Choose PayZapp

Accessible at all times, your PayZapp mobile app allows you to manage your train ticket bookings instantly. So long as you book your tickets in advance, you never have to worry about being waitlisted. Plus, with PayZapp, you can get exciting rewards and cashback on train ticket bookings, translating to excellent savings and discounts. You can just as easily cancel your tickets on PayZapp.

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*Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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