What are Flight Rescheduling Charges ?

What are Flight Rescheduling Charges ?

16 May, 2024


  • Airlines provide you the option to reschedule flights in various scenarios.
  • Flight reschedule charges are calculated keeping in mind the date, time, and destination of travel.
  • You can book and modify your flight tickets conveniently using HDFC Bank’s PayZapp app.

Flight travel reduces travel time considerably and is more convenient. It is no wonder that more people are opting to travel instead of choosing other travel modes. However, there may be instances where you may need to reschedule your flights booked through the airline’s websites or through travel aggregator platforms like HDFC Bank’s PayZapp. Whatever your chosen booking medium, you may be required to bear flight rescheduling charges. Let’s understand what these charges entail.

What Are Flight Reschedule Charges?

Flight reschedule fee, also known as change fees, refer to the fees levied by airlines when you opt to change your flight tickets. These changes could include alterations to the travel dates, times, or even the destinations. While the specific charges may vary based on each airlines’ internal policies, travel routes, and ticket classes, they often constitute a significant portion of the overall cost, especially if the changes are made close to the scheduled departure time.

Why Do Airlines levy Flight Rescheduling Charges?

Several factors contribute to the charges levied by airline to reschedule flights. 

  • Airlines allocate a certain number of seats for each flight. When a passenger reschedules, it can disrupt their seat allocation and affect their revenue management strategies. 
  • Additionally, last-minute changes necessitate administrative efforts, including updating booking records and reassigning seats, which incur operational costs for the airlines. 
  • Airlines also employ dynamic pricing models, wherein ticket prices fluctuate based on demand and availability. By imposing reschedule charges, they aim to discourage frivolous changes and maintain revenue stability.

Factors Influencing Reschedule Flight Charges

The charges for flight rescheduling are influenced by various factors, with each airline setting its own policies and fee structures. Some key factors include:

Timing of the Change

Changes made closer to the departure date often incur higher charges compared to those made well in advance. Airlines typically categorise changes into different time brackets, with penalties escalating as the departure date approaches.

Type of Ticket

The flexibility of the ticket purchased plays a crucial role in determining reschedule charges. Fully flexible or refundable tickets usually entail lower change fees or may even allow changes at no additional charges, whereas non-refundable or discounted tickets come with higher penalties.

Route and Class

Reschedule charges can also vary based on the specific route and the class of travel. Popular routes and premium cabin classes may have higher change fees compared to less frequented routes or economy class tickets.

Membership Status

Some airlines offer preferential treatment and reduced change fees to their frequent flyers or elite members as a reward for being a part of their loyalty programs.

How To Tackle Charges For Rescheduling Flight

Here’s how you can tackle flight rescheduling charges head on:

Plan Ahead

Whenever possible, finalise your travel plans well in advance to avoid last-minute changes. This allows you to benefit from lower reschedule charges and greater flexibility in choosing alternative options.

Opt for Flexible Tickets

Consider purchasing fully flexible or refundable tickets, even though they may be pricier upfront. These tickets offer greater freedom to make changes without incurring hefty penalties.

Be Aware of Policies

Familiarise yourself with the reschedule policies of your chosen airline. Pay attention to the terms and conditions, including the timeframes within which changes can be made and the associated charges.

Consider Travel Insurance

Investing in travel insurance can provide an added layer of protection against unexpected changes or cancellations, covering the costs of reschedule charges under certain circumstances.

Utilise Loyalty Programs 

If you frequently fly with a particular airline, consider joining their loyalty program to access benefits such as waivers/reduction on reschedule charges based on your membership status.

Advantage Of Booking Tickets via PayZapp

HDFC Bank’s PayZapp Payment App is a convenient and efficient platform for booking flights and managing travel-related expenses. PayZapp offers a seamless booking experience, integrating various airlines and travel partners, allowing you to compare the rates quoted by different airlines and travel websites.

One of the key advantages of PayZapp is its secure payment gateway, which supports multiple modes of payment, including Credit/Debit Cards, UPI, and PayZapp wallet.
Additionally, PayZapp frequently offers exclusive deals, discounts, and cashback offers on flight bookings. By utilizing the right credit/debit cards on PayZapp, you can earn up to 5X reward points and get up 5% Cashback on your flight bookings. What’s more, you can calculate your estimated savings even before you book your flight tickets.

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Easily Manage Your Flight Bookings With PayZapp 

As your trusted shopping and travel booking partner, the PayZapp Shop within PayZapp offers incredible convenience. It allows you to compare flight ticket rates and streamline your bookings. PayZapp also provides facilities for you to make enquires if you need to reschedule your flights or make other modifications. You can head to the ‘Help Centre’ section within PayZapp where you can find the necessary helpline numbers and email correspondence addresses to assist with your flight bookings and rescheduling.

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*Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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