All Train Classes of Indian Trains Explained

All Train Classes of Indian Trains Explained

09 February, 2024


  • Navigating the Indian railway system offers a range of classes like 1st AC, 2A, 3A, Sleeper Class (SL), Chair Car (CC), and 2S, each providing various levels of comfort and amenities for diverse budgets and needs.

  • The luxurious Executive Anubhuti coaches in certain Shatabdi trains feature aircraft-like amenities, including air-conditioned 2x2 seating, LCD screens, and modern bio-toilets.

  • This comprehensive guide aims to help travellers make informed decisions, ensuring a journey that combines comfort with the unique experiences of travelling across India's vast railway network.

Navigating the Indian railway system can be a challenging yet exciting experience, especially with its diverse range of train classes catering to different needs and budgets. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the various classes, such as 3E, CC, 2S, and 1st AC coach, enabling you to make informed decisions for your journey.

Indian Railways, an extensive network spanning across the nation, connects myriad regions and cultures. It stands as the world's second-largest railway network under one management, boasting more than 1,00,000 kilometres of track and ferrying more than ten million passengers daily. Within this intricate system, the different train classes, like 3E, CC, 2S, and 1st AC coach, play a vital role in providing varied levels of comfort and convenience.

Which Classes are Present on a Long-Distance Train?

On any given train, only certain classes are offered. For instance, a standard long-distance Mail or Express train often includes a single AC1 car, one AC2 car, and one AC3 car, followed by approximately 10 Sleeper class cars. Conversely, a high-profile daytime express is likely to feature one or two AC Executive Chair class (EC) cars and numerous AC Chair class (CC) cars.

Types of Coaches

Here are the different types of coaches you can typically come across when travelling by train:

  • 1st AC

The 1st AC coach represents the pinnacle of luxury in train classes in Indian Railways. It's an air-conditioned class with private compartments, offering a serene and comfortable journey. The 1st AC coach is divided into coupes and cabins, each with a locking door for privacy. These coaches are equipped with amenities like washbasins and showers in some trains, enhancing the travel experience.

  • 2nd AC & 3rd AC

Second-class air-conditioned (2A) and Third-class air-conditioned (3A) are also popular choices. 2A offers a comfortable setting with less opulence than 1st AC, while 3A is an economical option with three-tier berths. Both classes ensure a pleasant journey with air-conditioned comfort.

  • SL

The Sleeper Class (SL) is the most economical, featuring non-air-conditioned compartments with convertible seats to berths. It is a practical choice for longer journeys. The Unreserved General Class, although without guaranteed seating, is an integral part of the system, reflecting the vibrant diversity of Indian Railways.

  • CC & 2S

The Chair Car (CC in train) and Second-class Sitting (2S in train) cater to shorter journeys. CC provides air-conditioned seating, making it a favoured choice for day travel. 2S, on the other hand, offers non-air-conditioned seating, suitable for budget-conscious travellers.

  • 3E

The 3E class in train is a newer addition, offering a more affordable air-conditioned travel option. It is like 3A but with more berths in each compartment, making it a cost-effective choice for air-conditioned travel.

  • Executive Anubhuti

The Executive Anubhuti coaches, a recent addition to some of the Shatabdi trains by Indian Railways, boast aircraft-like amenities, enhancing the executive class travel experience. Unlike the standard executive class, these coaches do not feature sleeper berths but offer a luxurious chair car seating arrangement. Each coach, fully air-conditioned, accommodates 56 passengers in a 2x2 seating configuration. These coaches are equipped with modern facilities like LCD screens for each seat, ensuring entertainment during the journey. LED lighting within the coaches provides optimal illumination. The seating is designed for utmost comfort, featuring recliner seats and cushioned leg rests.

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Technological advancements have transformed train travel in India. From basic coaches to the introduction of air-conditioned classes like 1st AC, the journey of Indian Railways reflects a commitment to improving passenger comfort. Each class is designed to cater to different preferences and budgets, making train travel in India a unique and adaptable experience.

This guide to IRCTC coach classifications of train classes such as SL, 1A, 2A, 3A, 2S, and CC should assist you in making well-informed travel choices, ensuring a journey that is not just about reaching the destination but also enjoying the varied experiences that Indian Railways offers.

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