Safe Digital Transactions

Pay it safte

Four features that make your digital transactions are safe

Going cashless is the new normal. As you opt for more digital payments, it’s natural that you worry about your card details being stolen and misused.

Rest assured, there are several security measures to ensure digital transactions are safe. So go ahead and pay it safe.

IVR 3D Secure

People are increasingly making purchases through interactive voice response systems. IVR 3D Secure ensures that your transaction over this platform are safe. When you want to make a digital transaction over IVR, a temporary password is sent to you on an SMS which you need to enter to confirm the purchase. Since the password can be used only once and is valid for a short time, it is less likely that your credit or debit card will be misused.


Next time when you are shopping online and are worried about giving out your credit card details, turn to NetSafe. NetSafe generates a virtual card number which you can use for online transactions instead of your debit or credit card number. Since your card number is never revealed to any merchant website, chances of fraud are minimised. You can activate NetSafe service for your HDFC Bank credit or debit card on our website.

OTP Checkout

OTP Checkout is the perfect online security solution for those who can’t remember passwords. When you enter your card details on a website, a one-time password (OTP) is sent to your registered mobile number. The transaction is completed only after you key in the OTP. Hence your card can’t be misused even if it is misplaced or stolen.


SecureCode lets you use a personal password with your Visa or MasterCard when you shop online. Using SecureCode is as easy as using an ATM pin, since every transaction will need to be verified with your personal password. Log on to HDFC Bank to register your debit or credit card for SecureCode and activate your password.

Choose any of these methods and add a layer of security to your digital transactions.