How to set or enable Debit Credit Card limits on PayZapp

How to set or enable Debit Credit Card limits on PayZapp

11 January, 2024

HDFC Bank’s PayZapp digital payment application gives you the flexibility to enable and customise your Credit and/or Debit Card transaction limits. Whether you are a frequent traveller, budget-conscious spender or you simply want to secure your cards, PayZapp provides greater control over your finances and spendings. Read on to learn how to set Debit or Credit Card transaction limit on PayZapp.

Reasons to Enable/Modify Transaction Limits?

Setting transactions limits on your bank cards, helps ensure that you stick to a specific spending budget and do not exceed it. It prevents you from spending your money impulsively or excessively. By allocating a daily limit, you can be in better control of your finances. With PayZapp, you can flexibly manage and adjust your transaction limits as per your preferences.

How To Set Up and Enable Debit/Credit Card Limit On PayZapp?

To enable this feature on PayZapp, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the PayZapp application on your mobile.

  2. Head to ‘Accounts & Cards’ section on the app’s home screen.

  3. Tap on ‘Card’ to get the list of your linked cards and choose the HDFC Bank Debit/Credit Card for which you want to set transaction limit. You may also add your Prepaid Cards and set limits on them.

  4. Tap on the ‘Payment limit’ option and enable the transaction limit for the specific type of transaction by tapping on the toggle switch.

  5. Set your preferred limits for both domestic and international transactions.

Besides setting up Debit/Credit/Prepaid Card limit on PayZapp, you can also modify the transaction limits per your changing requirements. Whether you wish to increase your daily spending limit for a specific purchase or reduce the Tap & Pay limit for added security, you simply need to enter your desired limit, and confirm the changes.

Benefits Of Customising Transaction Limits

Now that you know how to set Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card limit on PayZapp, let’s explore the benefits of using this feature:

  • Extra layer of security

When you lower your transaction limits for domestic and international transactions, it can significantly enhance security and help reduce damages in case you lose your Debit/Credit Card.

  • Greater financial control

Enabling transaction limits gives your greater control over your expenses and helps you examine your spending behaviour. You can easily set limits that align with your budget to ensure that you do not spend money impulsively.

  • Budget Management

This feature can also help you with effective budget management. By setting up daily or monthly spending limits, you can stick to your budgetary goals and cut down on reckless spending.

  • Secured online shopping

Reducing the limit for online transactions can prevent you from making significant unauthorised purchases in case your card details are compromised. You can always increase the limit temporarily when you need to make big-ticket purchases, but it is wise to always set a lower transaction limit.

  • Control your children’s spending

If you have provided Debit/Credit/Prepaid Cards to your children who are teenagers or college students, enabling Card limit on PayZapp can help you control their spending and prevent them from excessive spending. You can set limits that match their financial needs and requirements.

Major Security Considerations While Setting Card Limits

Although you can flexibly adjust cards limits whenever you want, it is important to keep these factors in mind while setting Debit/Credit and Prepaid Card Limits. The key considerations include:

  • Only modify your card limits when it is necessary and avoid setting excessively high limits that could pose a risk if your phone or cards gets stolen or lost.

  • Never share your PayZapp credentials since unwanted access to your account could result in unauthorised transactions or your cards may be used to make payments for illegal transactions.

  • Regularly track your transaction history to identify any unusual or unauthorised activity on your PayZapp account. If you find anything unusual you must promptly reach out to our customer care helpline.

Download PayZapp to Gain Control of Your Finances

If you have not already downloaded the PayZapp application, you should consider doing it right away! PayZapp is a convenient, seamless, all-in-one online payment application for all your financial needs. It is designed to enhance your digital payment experience effortlessly and securely. With PayZapp, you can easily enable and modify your HDFC Credit Debit and Prepaid Card limits.

Click here to make upi payment through PayZapp on your IOS phone.

Click here for online payment through PayZapp on your Android phone.

*Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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