Here's How to Find Cheap Flights

Here's How to Find Cheap Flights

21 February, 2024


  • Seeking ways to reduce flight expenses? This guide presents key strategies to secure affordable flights, including flexible travel dates, opting for weekday flights, leveraging flight search engines, and booking in advance.

  • It also highlights the advantages of using versatile mobile apps for streamlined flight bookings, which offer secure payment options, real-time fare comparisons, enticing deals, and comprehensive travel services.

  • Follow these tips, and the chance to get the best ticket deals on your next holiday.

Are you looking for handy tips to cut down on the costs of flights? Here are some of the best tips on how to find cheap flight tickets! This article documents 13 useful tips for getting more value for your money when it comes to how to book cheap flight tickets. By employing these strategies, you can potentially save a substantial amount without sacrificing your needs.

13 Tips to Find Cheap Flights

Here are some tips you may want to check on how to find cheap flight tickets:

  1. Flexibility with travel dates

    To understand how to book cheapest flights, it is crucial to be flexible with your travel dates. Ignore the myths about exclusive discounts on specific days. Instead, use various flight-checking platforms to track ticket prices throughout the month. This approach lets you spot when it is cheapest to fly to your desired destination.

  2. Flying during working weekdays

    Another popular tip when it comes to how to find cheap flight tickets is considering flying on weekdays. These days tend to have lower fares due to lower demand.

  3. Checking airline websites

    For tips on how to find cheap airline tickets, explore airline websites featuring a ‘calendar view’ booking system. This allows you to scan for the most affordable days within your intended travel week.

  4. Follow airline’s social media channels

    Airlines typically promote flight deals on their social media channels. You can also subscribe to their newsletters and get priority access to such deals.

  5. Consider connecting flights

    Sometimes, you may get a cheaper fare if you fly via a connecting flight instead of a direct flight. However, make sure the layover is not too long as it can eat into your travel time.

  6. Early morning departures

    Consider departing early in the morning to find cheap flights. Flights at less popular times, say 5 or 6 am, may be cheaper.

  7. Using flight search engines

    To find cheap flight tickets, use different search engines to compare flights, prices, and deals. Remember to check for fare inflation alerts.

  8. Booking early rather than last minute

    Contrary to popular belief, last-minute deals are not always the cheapest. You can plan, and book well in advance, up to a year before your intended departure. You may be able to score lower fares even during peak travel seasons.

  9. Considering your destination

    To find how to find cheap airline tickets, use search engines to locate destinations with budget-friendly options. This can help you discover affordable exotic destinations.

  10. Clearing cookies

    When searching for how to get cheapest flight tickets, clear your browser cookies. Cookies can store search data, potentially leading to higher displayed prices.

  11. Comparing before buying

    Always compare airfares using different booking websites or apps. To find ways how to book cheap airline tickets, thorough comparison is key.

  12. Setting fare alerts

    Set up fare alert notifications on airline websites and follow budget airlines on social media for the latest deals. This helps in finding cheap flights.

  13. Utilising flight rewards

    Sign up for travel reward cards to enjoy benefits like upgrades, discounts, and credits. These can contribute to finding the cheapest flight tickets. HDFC Bank has a wide range of Credit Cards that offer various rewards if you are a regular traveller, viz., 6E Rewards – IndiGo HDFC Bank Credit Card or Regalia Gold Credit Card.

By incorporating these tips, finding cheap flights, and booking the most cost-effective travel options becomes a more streamlined and efficient process.

Use HDFC Bank’s PayZapp to Book Flights

PayZapp Online Payment App offers a convenient and efficient way to book flight tickets online. This versatile app allows you to pay for various expenses, shop, and book flights with ease. To use PayZapp for flight bookings, simply download the app, register with your mobile number, and complete the KYC process. Navigate from the 'Pay' to 'Shop' section and select 'Compare and Fly' to access the SmartBuy portal. Enter your travel details, choose your flight, provide personal information, and verify the details before making a secure payment with PayZapp wallet, Debit/Credit Cards, or Unified Payment Interface (UPI).

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Benefits of Booking Flights with PayZapp

Booking flights with PayZapp offers several benefits:

  • It is swift and allows real-time comparison of fares for both domestic and international flights.

  • The app ensures secure transactions with encrypted personal data and provides attractive offers, including seasonal deals and cashback.

  • Additional services like travel insurance, seat and meal selection, and airport transfers are available.

  • In case of flight cancellations, prompt assistance and refund processing are offered through SmartBuy customer support.

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