How to Change Name in Train Ticket?

How to Change Name in Train Ticket?

07 May, 2024


  • Indian Railways has provisions in place, enabling you to change your name in train tickets.

  • You can make the changes in case of misspellings and other reasons via online and offline platforms

  • You can link your IRCTC account to HDFC Bank’s PayZapp and manage your train bookings efficiently.

One of the most convenient things you can do today is book your train tickets on-the-go. You don’t need to stand in long queues at railway stations or spend money on agent commissions. Websites like IRCTC and mobile applications like HDFC Bank’s PayZapp (which integrates the IRCTC website) allow you to book tickets instantly. But sometimes, when you book your tickets, you may mistakenly spell your name wrong or make some other error. In such cases, you may wonder, how to change name on railway ticket. Let’s take a look at the different methods, eligibility criteria and more.

Understanding Indian Railways Name Change Policies

Before learning about the different methods for how to change name in railway ticket, you must familiarise yourself with the policies set forth by the Indian Railways regarding such alterations. The rules regarding name changes typically vary based on several factors such as the type of ticket you’ve booking, your chosen booking method, and the timing of the change request. It is just as vital to note that name changes are subject to approvals of the Indian Railways.

How To Change Name In Train Ticket?

Following are the methods by which you can change a name on a train ticket:

  • Offline Method: Visit the Reservation Counter

The conventional approach to change a name on a train ticket is to visit the nearest railway reservation counter. You must bring along the original ticket, along with a valid ID proof, and any supporting documents, such as an authorisation letter from the original ticket holder if applicable.

  • Online Method: IRCTC Website

For those who prefer the convenience of online transactions, the Indian Railways’ official train tickets booking platform, IRCTC, accepts name change requests. To change the name on an IRCTC e-ticket, you must log into your IRCTC account with the correct credentials, head to the ‘Change Boarding Point and Passenger Name Request’ form link and follow the instructions to make the necessary changes.

  • Through Authorised Travel Agents

Another option for changing names on train tickets is to utilise the services of authorised travel agents or agencies. These professionals are well-versed in the ticketing procedures and can assist you in processing name change requests efficiently. Be sure to choose a reputable agent to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction.

  • Utilising Mobile Apps like PayZapp

The most convenient way how to change name in booked train ticket is to do so through HDFC Bank’s PayZapp app. The PayZapp Shop section has integrated the IRCTC app where you can manage your train ticket bookings efficiently. Here, you just have to place a request to modify the booking and the SmartBUY concierge services within PayZapp will take care of the rest.

Besides these methods, you also have the option to entirely cancel the booked ticket with the incorrect details and rebook it with the rectified details.

Who Is Eligible For A Name Change?

According to IRCTC rules, changing names on train tickets is not allowed. However, there are some exceptions. The following people are eligible:

  • Family members

If the name change request is for a family member (parent, child, spouse, etc.,) and due to unavoidable circumstances, you can request the change without any cancellation or reservation charges. The station manager may permit the change.

  • Government servants

If the original passenger is a government servant on duty and an appropriate authority requests the change in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure, the name can be changed.

  • Group travel

If a group is traveling together, they can submit a written request 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, but the name change request cannot exceed 10% of the group’s total strength.

How To Change Name In Railway Ticket Via PayZapp?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change name in train ticket online on PayZapp:

  1. Login to PayZapp UPI App and go the ‘Profile’ tab. Click on ‘Help Center.’

  2. Select ‘Shop’, choose ‘IRCTC’, and click on ‘I want to modify my booking/order details.’ You will be redirected to the customer support page.

  3. Use your ticket reference number to mail the PayZapp customer care team at

Alternately, you can call the helpline numbers 18604251188/9986286688/18604253322 and get assistance to process your name change request. You will get the updated train tickets on your registered email address once the changes are processed.

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Book and Manage Train Tickets Effortlessly with PayZapp

With PayZapp, you can manage all your travel bookings. You do not have to bother with offline booking processes and can leverage the integrated IRCTC platform within the app for quick and instant train bookings. PayZapp simplifies the booking process, allowing you to choose from different trains running on the same route. You can also see the ticket prices and the seat availability. Plus, you can enjoy rewards and cashback, modify your bookings, cancel your tickets and do much more on PayZapp.

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*Disclaimer: Terms and conditions apply. The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.

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