How to Host a Football game night at home?

In a matter of days, 32 nations will begin battling it out to get their hands on the most coveted trophy in the footballing world. While the tournament was often held at an ungodly hour in recent years, this year most matches are scheduled for late evenings IST. This means you can invite your gang over and enjoy a football fan-fest at home. 

Here are nine ways to take the football viewing experience to the next level: 

1. Set the theme: Wear your heart on your sleeve. Whether you bleed maroon for Ronaldo and Euro ’16 winners Portugal or embody a sunny yellow for Silva’s 6th time hungry Brazil, get your fan merchandise in place. Apart from customisable t-shirts, you can get caps, scarves, beanies, socks, beer mugs, and even pillow covers of your favourite team. This will help set a festive mood for the evening.

2. Stock up on food: This is one of the most important aspect of game night, so plan a menu in advance. Get party favourites – chips and dips, nuts, popcorn, tikkas and fries – and set up a mobile snack trolley to make serving easy. For dinner, get something easy to pass around and eat, such as pizzas or burgers.  

3. Keep the drinks flowing: Stock up on all your favourite beverages. A football party without ice-cold drinks is not a party! A good idea is to count the number of guests you will be hosting and find out what their choice of beverage is. Make sure you don’t run out of refreshments; it will be hard to get more as the game goes on into the night.  

4. Use disposable cutlery: Game night is not the right time to bring out your best china. You don’t want precious dinnerware breaking out of excitement. Instead, opt for eco-friendly paper plates, glasses, and cutlery. Cleaning up after the game will be much easier. Also, ensure you have enough paper napkins, and a couple of trash bins.

5. Prep your entertainment system: If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your home entertainment system, now’s the time. A large-screen, high definition TV and some powerful speakers could almost transport you straight to the stadium. Look for deals that can bring down the expenses, or check websites like HDFC Bank’s SmartBuy, where you can find deals galore and compare prices before making a purchase. Click here to shop from SmartBuy now!

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6. Charging stations: This adds a thoughtful touch to the party. Have a couple of Android and iOS phone chargers handy for your guests to plug in their phones. Photographs and selfies are bound to be part of the evening, and it’s no fun discovering your phone battery is dying while travelling back home late at night. 

7. Fix your washroom: With all those drinks flowing, your washroom will have a busy night too. Make sure it’s squeaky clean before the party begins (that means no leaving personal effects inside). Buy lots of toilet paper, and keep the hand wash, hand sanitizers and air fresheners ready.  

Some other things you should ensure include having adequate seating – lounge chairs and bean bags or simply use large cushions. As the legendary Pele once put it, “Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string.” The football world cup comes only once in four years, so make it a memorable experience for your family and friends. 

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