FASTag Rules: 5 Important Government Regulations you must know

Most people have no issues paying tolls if it means smooth, fast roads that take them to their destinations quickly. What they do mind is waiting in line to pay. Some time ago, the government introduced FASTags, which are prepaid tags fixed on vehicle windscreens that allow you to zip through dedicated lanes at toll plazas without stopping. The vehicles are identified using Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) and charges deducted from the account accordingly. 

FASTag new rules have been introduced, of which all travellers who use these toll roads need to be aware. Let’s take a look.

FASTag rules you should know about:

  • The first and most important of the FASTag new rules is that these tags have been made mandatory from 16th February. So you don’t have that much choice in the matter anymore; you will have to get them, like it or not, else you will need to pay double the toll amount. Of course, this will be beneficial for everyone, since it will ease traffic and do away with logjams at toll plazas. No more hunting around for exact change, with impatient drivers honking behind you!

  • If you enter a FASTag lane without a FASTag, you’ll be liable to pay double the toll amount.

  • If your FASTag is not serviceable due to some damage to the RFID or insufficient balance, you’ll be required to pay double the toll amount.

  • From April 2020, the government has made FASTag mandatory to acquire third party insurance for your vehicle, making it essential to get a FASTag even if you won’t be taking your car on a highway.

  • Most vehicles sold since 2017 come with pre-fitted FASTags. So, if you own an older vehicle, you will have to get FASTag made

Progress on FASTag

There has been considerable progress in FASTag since it was introduced. As of July 2020, FASTag transactions crossed 86 million while over 18 million tags have been issued across the nation. Since it will be compulsory for all vehicles to have a FASTag from January 2021, this figure will only go up in the months to come. FASTag is active along 615 toll plazas of NHAI and at 100 state highway toll plazas across the country.

Get your FASTag now

If you haven’t got your FASTag already, it’s time you obtained one now so that you are not in violation of FASTag rules. Over 20 banks, including HDFC Bank, are issuing FASTag. In time, it will also be available at petrol pumps, and you may even be able to use FASTag to pay your petrol bill. What a convenience that would be!

You can get your FASTag Prepaid card online from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is enter your details and vehicle registration number, upload documents, review your application and pay. You will need to upload copies of KYC and proof of identity and address. A driving licence is adequate for ID and address proof. It’s a simple and easy process, so do it today! 

Get your FASTag Prepaid Card today!

You can read more on how to register for FASTag here.

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