Why you need travel insurance

Seven reasons you need travel insurance

Buy insurance for visa approval

Some countries require travellers to have travel insurance.

You will need to submit a policy copy with your visa documents.


Travel stress-free

If you are a nervous traveller, a good insurance plan will give you peace of mind.

Any significant financial losses during the trip can be covered by your insurance.


Protect your belongings

If you are visiting an unsafe region or country, your luggage or hand bag could be stolen.

Insurance can compensate you if you lose your valuables, like cash.


Provide for expensive treatment

In most western countries such as USA, UK and most of Europe, medical treatment is costly.

If you need to use medical facilities in any of these places, you can claim the expenses from your insurance company after the trip.


Plan for unexpected situations

With flight delays, cancellations and missing baggage, you may need to spend money on toiletries and clothing.

An insurance policy would take care of this extra financial strain.


Keep your home safe

If you are away for a long trip, your home may be more susceptible to burglary, or there could be a fire.

Some travel policies cover the value of stolen or damaged home contents, which you can claim once you return.

Take care of your loved ones

In case of hospitalization or evacuation, your family need not worry about the expenses.

They can use your policy’s cash advance and cashless hospitalization benefits without a dent in their trip budget.