How to Renew Your Car Insurance Online?

Your Car Insurance Policy has to be renewed timely to make sure the insurance doesn’t lapse. Driving your car after your insurance has lapsed is not advisable. In case of an accident, your car will not be insured, and you could end up incurring huge financial losses. Moreover, traffic laws mandate that your car is insured at all times. If your insurance expires, you may be charged penalty by the traffic police during checks and nakabandis. In worst case scenarios, you could face legal action too.

It is, therefore, important that Car Insurance renewal is done in time. Until the insurance policy is renewed, avoid driving your car.

Before you go for Car Insurance renewal, you will also have to book an appointment for the survey of your car. Almost all insurance agencies mandate a survey on your vehicle for existing damages and working conditions of the vehicle. Usually, the policy is renewed after the surveyor approves the car for an insurance. One such insurance agency is HDFC Ergo.

Instead of opting for Car Insurance renewal, you can also go for a new Car Insurance Policy. You can compare available insurance policies online and choose the right one based on your needs. Make sure that you have chosen the right Car Insurance Policy before the expiry date of your existing policy.

Here's how to renew Car Insurance

In order to get your Car Insurance Policy renewed, you can either contact your insurance agency or you could do it by yourself online. Make sure to keep a copy of your car’s registration certificate and the old insurance policy handy before getting your insurance policy handy.

For offline Car Insurance renewal, you can contact an agent from your insurance company. She/ he will give you the details of how to raise a renewal request and the documents required to make the request. The agent will also help set up an appointment with the surveyor.

It is easier to go for your Car Insurance Policy renewal through the online method. To renew your Car Insurance Policy online, you can visit the website of your insurance agency. There you can select the option for insurance renewal. If you are an existing customer, you can log in with your details. If you are a new customer, you are register yourself. Thereafter, key in the details of your insurance policy. You will be given an appointment for the survey of your car. A representative of the insurance agency will visit you on a day and time of your choosing to review your car for existing damages and working conditions of the car.  You can also renew your Car Insurance online if you have a policy at HDFC Ergo.

Once you have booked an appointment, you can pay the insurance premium using a Credit Card, Debit Card or NetBanking. The insurance agency will verify the information provided by you and send an acknowledgement of the renewal request to your registered email id. The request is approved within 24 hours after receiving an approval from the surveyor.

Some insurance agencies also have mobile applications where you can make a request to get your expired Car Insurance renewed.

In case you have found a better Insurance, and do not want to renew your existing one, you can do so by cancelling your policy renewal. Almost all insurance agencies grant a cooling-off period of around two weeks to customers to cancel their policy renewals. This means that one your policy expires; you can cancel the renewal of the policy within the cooling off period and buy a new policy.

No penalty is charged if renewal is cancelled within the cooling off period. However, any cancellation after the cooling off period will invite a penalty. You can either write to your insurance agency or email the agency about cancellation of the renewal of your policy.

So, now that you know how to renew your car insurance, log into your your HDFC Bank NetBanking Account now!