How to choose travel insurance

Guide to buying travel insurance

Travelling soon for work or leisure?

Buy a travel insurance policy to secure yourself against unforeseen emergencies.

Follow our guide to choosing the best travel insurance plan.

Check if your destination is covered

Not all travel policies cover all places.

Some companies may offer region or country-specific policies, while some have a worldwide plan.

You don’t need to take a global policy if you are travelling to only one destination or region.

Pay cash or go cashless

Some policies require you to make upfront payments for medical expenses, and claim them later.

Other insurance companies offer cashless hospitalization.

Be prepared for either option, by carrying sufficient funds and keeping the list of network hospitals handy.

Purchase cover for special cases

If you are going on an adventure trip or to a remote place, you may need to buy a policy that covers these activities or areas.

Such policies are generally more expensive than regular coverage plans, but can save you a bunch of money if things go wrong.

Look beyond medical expenses

Your travel insurance should cover more than just medical expenses.

The plan should cover valuables (if applicable), lost baggage or expenses due to delays.

Consider including a trip cancellation rider in case you need to cancel your trip.

Save on premium

If you are a frequent traveller, choose an annual multi-trip policy.

If the country you are visiting has a medical plan for travellers that is cheaper than your plan, then buy one on arrival or online.

Think twice before buying a travel plan from an airline or tour operator, since these plans generally cost more.