How to Renew Your Two-Wheeler Insurance?

When you purchase a two-wheeler, you need to insure the vehicle against accidents. These Two - Wheeler Insurance Policies are available for a specific period of time and have to be renewed regularly, much like the need to renew a life insurance. In case the policy is not renewed on time, you may be fined by the traffic police upon checking. If you are in an accident and your insurance has lapsed, you will end up facing a huge financial burden. Timely Two - Wheeler Insurance Policy renewal helps avoid these expenses and also any legal action.

If you have a Two - Wheeler Insurance Policy and you have made no claims within the expiry period, many insurance agencies offer a no-claim bonus upon renewal of your Insurance Policy. Much like four wheelers, two wheelers are also surveyed before policy renewal.

As a two-wheeler owner, you must keep track of your policy and renew expired two-wheeler insurance well within the expiry date to avoid any penalties. In case your policy has expired, it is advisable to not ride the two-wheeler until the policy has been renewed.

Here we tell you how to renew two-wheeler insurance. You can choose to get your two-wheeler insurance renewal done offline or you can do it by yourself online. To raise a renewal request offline, you can visit the nearest branch of your insurance agency or contact an insurance agent. You will have to submit your driving licence number, your registration certificate number and your Insurance Policy number to the agent. You can make the payment for your premium and raise a request for insurance renewal. The agent will also help you set up an appointment for a survey of your vehicle. Once the surveyor has reviewed your two-wheeler for existing damages and approved your vehicle for the insurance, your Insurance Policy will be renewed within a day.

You can also renew expired two-wheeler insurance online, including your insurance bought from HDFC Ergo. You can visit the website of the insurance agency and choose the renewal option. Key in the details of your policy and your registration certificate details. It is much faster than the offline process. You can make the payment of your insurance premium using your Debit Card, Credit Card or NetBanking. You can also book an appointment for a visit by the surveyor. An acknowledgement of your request will be mailed to your immediately to your registered email address. As soon as the request is approved, you will be informed via email.

Many insurance agencies also offer mobile applications where customers can raise policy renewal requests. You can also download the app, make the premium payment and get your insurance renewed. In case of apps, the insurance agency doesn’t require a visit by the surveyor.

In case you have found a better two-wheeler policy than your existing one, you can change your policy by cancelling the existing one and buying a new one. You can cancel an existing policy within the cooling off period provided by the insurance agency. Every insurance agency provides a cooling off period to customers after their policy has expired.

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