How Virtual Relationship Manager are changing the Banking style

Banking has become omnipresent and omnichannel today, thanks to technology. We can perform banking transactions through apps on our mobile phones or tablets. And of course, there's Internet banking for transacting with our desktop computers. ATMs have evolved and enabled one to perform most types of banking transactions. And the latest is conversational banking -- asking queries and chatting with an artificial intelligence enabled chatbot in your favourite messaging application. Heard about watch banking and banking through your favourite social media channels? But despite all these (high tech) options, there are times when you need to talk to a real humanwho can answer your specific questions.

We’re talking about engaging with your Virtual Relationship Manager (RM). And you don't need to visit the bank to do so.

HDFC Bank is keen to create an enhanced service experience that combines the best of technology and that key human factor. Your dedicated RM is available on call, and you can get everything done through an RM that they normally do – executing service transactions, handling queries, offering financial solutions.

This interaction is not constrained by regular banking hours either. There are extended service hours that can accommodate you when you need the service. Whether it’s optimising your time during your office commute by availing of some banking service or needing solutions for your next mutual fund investment, your RM will be available for a chat.

As the interpersonal communication with your RM increases, he or she will be better able to understand your requirements. With better information to address your requests and issues, your RM will be able to proactively resolve queries, just with a simple “Ok” from you.

Your interaction will always be relevant, in real-time, and personalised through your preferred channel of communication. Within no time, your regular transactions will become a breeze. You will be able to get your investments on track and get help planning for financial milestones.

The experience with a virtual RM is greatly enhanced through the use of technology.

HDFC Bank Virtual Relationship Manager is complemented with various digital tools such as web chat with Eva (an Artificial Intelligence-based chatbot), remote banking via your Apple watch, and service assistance via Facebook Messenger. These tools are popular with HNW (high net worth) and tech-savvy customers who are serviced on the phone instead of a physical visit.

The bank has been at the forefront of adapting and incorporating rapid changes in technology, to better understand and serve customer needs. Virtual Relationship Managers are a step in that direction.

* The information provided in this article is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances.