Here are Best Tips on Mobile Banking for Freshers

Mobile banking has made life extremely convenient. When we consider the progress it’s made in the last decade or two; it’s difficult to imagine that until not so long ago one had no option but to go to the bank, fill a form, and stand in a queue to deposit or withdraw money.

Older people may still prefer to visit the local branch of their bank, but most young adults have responded positively towards mobile banking, which picked up pace in India in the beginning of this decade. Let’s consider why young professionals prefer mobile banking in particular:
1. Mobility
As the name suggests, mobile banking offers great mobility. You can use it to check your accounts, make payments and transfers, and do other banking activities on the go – in between office meetings or while vacationing thousands of miles away! All you need is the internet and the mobile banking app on your smartphone. 

2. Time no bar
Time is not an obstacle to mobile banking. If you want to do some banking activity at 2 am, all you need to do is log on to the mobile banking app. If, for example, your DTH connection runs out of balance in the middle of your favourite movie, you can recharge it using your HDFC Bank MobileBanking App.

3. Speed
Mobile banking transactions can be completed at lightning speed. Once you open the app, a few clicks on the screen are all it takes. The HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App has certain features such as automatic bill payment that saves you time and effort every month. Just schedule your payments for a given date and the amount will be deducted automatically.

4. Bargain deals
While making online payments you may have noted that payments made via banking apps often get additional discounts or cashback. It is wise to use this option and keep the mobile banking app ready to avail of such benefits. 

5. Communication
HDFC Bank MobileBanking App is designed to complement the lifestyle of young adults. Just as you click a selfie and share it instantly with friends, with HDFC Bank MobileBanking App you can make a payment and immediately share the acknowledgement page with the recipient. The flow of communication is as fast as with popular social networking sites.

6. Technology
The sheer fact that more than 120 banking transactions can be made in the new HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App testifies to the progress made in technology. You can download the app by scanning a QR code and do a variety of activities like recharge mobile phones, manage your demat account, open a fixed deposit, arrange for foreign currencies etc. It also arranges your banking to-do list and makes a list of favourite transactions for your ease. 

7. Safety
Mobile banking apps as well as netbanking platforms can be targeted by cyber criminals, hence banking companies are cautious in this regard. There are advanced levels of encryption in the HDFC Bank MobileBanking App and it is regularly upgraded with the latest security technologies to prevent any fraudulent activity.
When it comes to cyber fraud and mobile hacking, slip-ups can also happen due to the negligence or ignorance of the user. Therefore, the following precautions must be taken:

  • The phone used for mobile banking should be password-protected; change the password regularly and never disclose it to ANYONE
  • Report a stolen phone immediately and get the account blocked
  • Don’t click on links appearing in emails and sites that claim to represent a bank
  • Fund transfers are irreversible, so please exercise adequate caution
  • Store passwords and card/account details somewhere other than the phone
  • Be careful while browsing websites on a phone that you use for mobile banking

It is beyond question that mobile banking saves time, money, and effort. You don’t need to visit your bank to make a payment or deposit, or even to create a new fixed deposit. Being completely paperless, mobile banking practices are also more environment-friendly and economical than other forms of banking. 
With more cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice recognition waiting in the wings to be incorporated, mobile banking apps are all set to be future-ready.

Download HDFC MobileBanking App now, to get the best mobile banking experience.