Best Tips on Using Mobile Banking for Freshers

The digital age has taken the world by storm. Most of what required one’s physical presence earlier can be done away with virtually – whether it’s video calls where people can see their loved ones in distant corners of the world, or various apps where people can exchange messages instantly. 
Apart from such services, life has also become easy because of the introduction of several e-commerce services. Online shopping, digital wallets, netbanking, and mobile banking are some of the services that save us a lot of time and get our work done in a few clicks. 

Gone are the days when one had to go to a bank for performing routine transactions. With mobile banking entering the scene, banking transactions happen with a swipe of your finger. The ease it provides is almost unbelievable for a generation of people who belong to the pre-Internet age. Often they don’t utilise such services because of many reasons – ranging from lack of familiarity to fears that online banking is unsafe.

At the same time, companies are making the entire online process very easy and accessible to all. One such service is mobile banking. In such a scenario, wouldn’t you like to explain to your parents the many advantages of mobile banking and how easy and convenient their banking can become if they adapt to it? 
Here are some ways to introduce elders to the easy and stress-free world of mobile banking:

1. Download the app
The first step one must take while introducing mobile banking to the older generation is to show them how it works by downloading the mobile banking application on their phones. Convincing them beforehand takes too much effort and can often be futile. Once they see the results for themselves, things are much more manageable.

2. Ensure security
A major reason why the older generation doesn’t indulge in online banking is lack of trust. Putting out personal information and important data online scares them. This notion of lack of safety can be cleared by explaining to them about password protection and other security features. You could further assure them by explaining to them the encryption technologies used by banks.

3. How to use the app
An effective way to entice elders towards mobile banking is to make them aware of the multiple transactions that can be done by them with minimal effort. They can recharge their mobile, pay utility bills, settle credit card dues, recharge their DTH, transfer money instantly, manage their demat portfolio, open an FD, and do lots more, all on their mobile phones. 
Once they learn how easy it is to perform online transactions, they will themselves want to explore and learn more. In this connection, HDFC Bank is a prominent and trustworthy name in mobile banking. When it comes to making mobile banking accessible across generations, HDFC Bank has come up with a lot of features in their upgraded MobileBanking app
Some of these features are mentioned below: 

  • It offers simple navigation options such as Pay, Save, and Invest 
  • Notifications are enabled for bill and utility payments
  • It speaks in the language a customer is familiar with or is simpler to understand. For example, all kinds of transactions are mapped under ‘PAY’, ‘SAVE’, ‘INVEST’ and ‘BORROW’.
  • It even provides smart technology to choose between NEFT/IMPS/RTGS based on the size and timing of the transaction
  • Apart from such user-friendly features, the app provides biometric login and automatic logout in 5 minutes if the phone switches off

Personalisation provided by the HDFC Bank MobileBanking is intuitive and innovative and can get anyone hooked as it enables notifications and display based on the consumer’s needs and usage. You can customise your profile picture as in any other social media channel. 
The app also has options such as like, favourite, save, share, and download for different transactions that make banking fun and easy. Frequent bill payments and transfers can be added in the ‘favourites’ section, which facilitates one-click payments.
User convenience being the topmost priority, HDFC Bank provides its customers with a dashboard that has a 360-degree view of all their assets and liabilities. Credit Card customers can view their reward points and monthly statements on the app. Customers can also instantly block their Debit Card or Credit Card if required. The app also provides doorstep delivery of currency notes and travel cards to customers in need.
With such options available for mobile banking, it is no longer hard to convince your parents to join the trend. Let them choose the digital life and reap its benefits!

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