The Marriage Loan: Why use a personal loan to fund a wedding

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Weddings come once-in-a-lifetime and you want it to be perfect in every way. A personal loan makes a dream wedding possible. Get a complete peace of mind about finances for your big day with a marriage loan. Here is why we recommend opting for a personal loan for marriage.

  • Receive wedding loan funds instantly

    If you are a HDFC Bank customer, you can get a pre-approved personal loan in just 10 seconds*. You will receive the funds directly into your account with little or no documentation. Non-HDFC Bank customers can get a personal loan in under 4 hours*. 

    This means you can plan your wedding better and don’t have to worry about arranging funds every time you need to book a venue, hire caterers, plan your honey moon or pay decorators.
  • Use the funds for any wedding-related expenses

    There are no specific restrictions on how to use marriage loan funds.

    You can use the funds to pay for outfits, makeup artistes, wedding invitations, hotel rooms, banquet halls, catering charges, flight tickets for your honey moon destination, etc.
  • Choose EMI and tenure of your marriage loan

    A personal loan usually comes with flexible EMI and tenure options, from a few months up to a few years.

    Thus, you can customise your repayment schedule based on your monthly income, financial needs and cash flow. Check our personal loan EMI calculator to plan your repayment better.
  • Benefit from competitive interest rates 

    If you have a good credit history, the bank is likely to offer you a competitive interest rate on a wedding loan.

    With a better interest rate, you can pay off the loan sooner and be debt-free earlier.
  • No need to liquidate investments

    Some people choose to redeem their fixed deposit or liquidate their savings early to pay for a wedding.

    But redeeming a fixed or recurring deposit before maturity often incurs extra charges, in addition to loss of interest on your deposit.

    With a personal loan to fund the wedding, you can let your investments grow uninterrupted. So apply for a personal loan now and get celebrating! #Startdoing now!

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* Terms & conditions apply. Loan disbursal at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd.