Questions to ask before taking a Personal Loan

Are you considering a personal loan? 

Ask yourself these questions before you decide to apply. From how to apply for a personal loan to personal loan requirements, we have the answers to key questions that you may have.

How to apply for a personal loan?
You can apply for a personal loan online, over phone or by visiting a HDFC Bank branch. The process is easy and quick.

What are the personal loan requirements?
Personal loans are unsecured loans offered without security of collateral. It requires minimal documentation such as income proof and ID and address proof. If you are an existing customer, the process will be much easier.

Why do I need money right now?
A personal loan is meant for urgent needs, such as hospitalization or foreign university fees. You can also use the personal loan to buy a gadget or fund a holiday. Personal loans are among the best unsecured loans (loans without security or collateral) available in the market. A personal loan offers lower interest rates than revolving credit on your card.

How much personal loan can I get and how to check personal loan eligibility? 
Here’s how to check personal loan eligibility: HDFC Bank has an excellent personal loan eligibility calculator that will also answer your question -- How much personal loan can I get -- in just a few clicks.

Carefully calculate your need for funds before you apply for a personal loan. The higher the amount you borrow, the greater will be your pay out.

Can I repay the EMIs?
Personal loans generally have high interest rates and short tenures, which increases your monthly EMI. 

Honestly evaluate whether you will be able to repay as per the schedule, given your current income. 

Use HDFC Bank’s personal loan EMI calculator to find out how much EMI you will have to pay.

Am I familiar with the fine print?
Sometimes a delay of even a single day in paying your instalment can lead to penalties.

Read the fine print of the loan document carefully, and note all charges, fees and penalties. 

Check for things like pre-payment terms if you intend to prepay.
Now that you have your queries solved, don’t hesitate to apply for a personal loan now!

* Terms & conditions apply. Loan disbursal at sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd