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Forms Center - Personal

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Personal Banking

Customer Profile Updation Forms

Dormant Activation Form - Resident Individual

Dormant Activation and REKYC updation form for Non Individuals

Product Conversion Form

Re-KYC form - Resident Individual

Customer Profile Updation Form for Individual/ Non-Individual Account

FATCA - CRS Annexure Entities

Extended KYC Annexure

15 G 

Form 15 G - Hindi

15 H 

Form 15 H - Hindi

Name/ Signature/ Mode of Operations change request form

Form 60

Minor to major Upgradation Form

Name Deletion Request Form- Savings Accounts & Fixed Deposits

DBT Consent form for Aadhar Seeding

Non DBT consent form for Aadhar Seeding

​​​​Account Transfer Form for Current and Saving account

Account Opening

Account Opening Form - For Individuals ( for opening Regular Savings Account, Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account, Individual Current Account) 

Account opening Form – For Resident Individual Salary Accounts 

Account Opening Form - For Non Individuals ( for Regular Current Account, Trade Account, Plus Current Account, Retail Trust Account, Premium Current Account) 

Annexure for Account Opening Form - For Non-Individuals ( for Regular Current Account, Trade Account, Plus Current Account, Retail Trust Account, Premium Current Account) 

Combined Annexures - Sole Proprietorship

Consolidated Account Opening Annexure Booklet (For Partnership/LLP/Private LTD./Public LTD)

Consolidated Account Opening Annexure Booklet (For HUF Savings and Current Account)

FATCA-CRS Definition for Non-Individual Entities.

Declaration from Election Candidate​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​CKYC Annexure - Non Individual

​​​​​​​Common Requests

Name Addition Form

Application Form for Bill Pay Registration 

Common Instruction Form- Statement Request / Balance Confirmation/ Interest Certificate / Signature Verification/ Passbook Issuance

Request for Premature Liquidation of Term Deposit
Request for change of Maturity Instruction

Combined Address Change  on Savings/ demat/ Assets and Credit card

Standing Instruction Request Form 

Deposit Slip (for cash & cheques only)

NEFT Standing Instruction Form

RTGS-NEFT Combine Form

Request Form - To Hold Bank Statement from dispatch

Letter of Mandate : To authorise a nominee to make, draw, endorse, accept, authorise, sign any bills of exchange, promissory notes, or other negotiable instrument 

Application for change of status from Non Resident to Resident- Declaration

Third Party Transfer through Net Banking

Form for increase in Third Party Transfer (TPT) limits


Managed Programs Consent Forms

Premier Banking SignUp Form


Nomination Form DA1 without nomination only

Nomination Form DA2/DA3 : DA2 - Cancellation, DA3 - To Change

Nomination Form SL1 - Locker nomination by Sole Licensee

Nomination Form SL1A - Locker nomination by Joint Licensee/s

Nomination Form SL2 - Locker Nomination Cancellation

Nomination form SL3- For  Variation of locker Nomination - Sole Licensee

Nomination form SL3A- For  Variation of locker Nomination - Joint Licensee/s

Death Claim Settlement

Nominee based deceased claim settlement

No nomination based deceased Claim settlement for relationship value upto to Rs 50 Lacs

Legal representation Based deceased Claim settlement for more than equal to Rs 50 Lac


Safe Deposit Locker Agreement

Supplementary Safe Deposit Locker Agreement

Common Instruction Form For Locker 

Fixed Deposit

Fixed / Recurring Deposit booking form for Standalone deposit / 5 cr and above deposit for New/Exsisting Individual Customers

Fixed / Recurring Deposit booking form for Standalone deposit / 5 cr and above deposit for New/Existing Current Account Customers

Fixed / Recurring Deposit booking form for below 5 cr deposit for Existing  Customers

Application for Overdraft against fixed deposit

Customer undertaking for Sweep in facility

Customer Undertaking for MoneyMaximizer (Sweep-out) facility



Form Nomination (Form E)

FORM F - Change of Nomination

Form H for extension of PPF account

FORM C - PPF partial withdrawal
Form G for Deceased case/ Death Claim 

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizens Consent/ Revoking Consent Form: Setting Debit and Credit Card Instant Pin Online

Account Closure

Combined Account Closure

Current Account - Common Requests

HUF Declaration-July 2023

Revised CA-CC-OD declaration

Customer Updation Form For RE KYC - NON - INDIVIDUALS


Extended Declaration For Non-Individual Entities

Re-KYC Form FATCA Annexure for Sole Proprietorship

List of RE-KYC documents for Non individuals
Application Form for Switching Current Accounts
Combined MID on Current Account
​​​​​​​Combined Application form for Netbanking Financial Rights (Non- Individual Entities)
Listed Company Declaration


Application form - Unsecured Loans

Application Form for Common Loan

Other Requests

Account Opening Form - For Resident Foreign Currency Domestic Accounts

Declaration Form - RFC Account Opening

Application Form for Payment of Tax through ATM

Declaration Form - SmartBuy Fantastic Five Winner

ITR Declaration for TDS on Cash Withdrawal & TDS Declaration for Registered Co-op Society

CASA linking form for TDS recovery

Consent for submitting Aadhar for reporting purposes under the Income-Tax ACT and Rules

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