Funds Transfer Within HDFC Bank

Funds Transfer Within HDFC Bank

You can conduct a Third Party Transfer from your HDFC Bank account to any other HDFC Bank accounts (with a different customer ID).

Third party Transfer within the Bank is a free and real time transaction.

To transfer funds to any other HDFC Bank Account, you will need to Add a Beneficiary first.

Also, please note, the third party transfer limits apply to transfers to other Customer IDs within HDFC Bank also.

Add a Beneficiary

To transfer funds to Third Party Accounts within HDFC Bank, you need to add a beneficiary. This is a one-time process. Doing that is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Funds Transfer and click on ‘Add a beneficiary’ transaction from Request section.
  • Beneficiary activation takes 30 minutes post being added.
  • To keep your account secured, as per the Bank's policy, you are allowed to transfer money up to Rs 50,000/- (In full or parts) during the first 24 hours, for the newly added beneficiary.

After 24 hours, the transfer limit will be your TPT limit.

Maximum of 4 payment modes (across payees) can be added in a day.