Fire & Burglary Insurance

Fire & Burglary Insurance

Under the Fire and Burglary Protection, articles purchased through your HDFC Bank Debit Card, provided the Cardholder undertakes to declare the value and date of purchase (First 90 days cover from the date of purchase of the articles), are covered. It is important for customer to immediately report details of such loss or damage or injury to the Bank within 48 hours of the incident.

In order to claim the Fire and Burglary Insurance, the cardholder needs to submit below mentioned documents within 30 days from the date of event, at any nearest HDFC Bank branch. The branch would guide the customer further on the process to be followed.

  • FIR
  • Documentary evidence of the value of the loss of the article

We would also like to inform you that acknowledgement of insurance claim by HDFC Bank is not an admission of liability. The claim received by HDFC Bank will be processed & investigated by the Insurance Co. & their decision will be final & binding. HDFC Bank will not be liable for the decision taken by the Insurance Co.

*Terms & Conditions as per Cardholder's agreement applicable.