Terms & Conditions apply

Terms & Conditions apply

1. This is a computer-generated advice and does not require any signature.

2. This is a formal intimation on a “best effort basis” to respective Merchants, HDFC Bank is not responsible for the non-receipt of this letter at the Merchant Establishment for exceptional reasons.

3. HDFC Bank reserves the right to debit your account or adjust with the payment for transaction for the disputed amount

     A) if the supporting document/s (additional documents if required) does not reach within the requested date

     B) Inadequate documents are presented

     C) Documents do not lawfully justify the said transaction.

4. Documents provided to HDFC Bank will be kept with the bank for maintenance of records.

5. Terms and conditions as mentioned in the Merchant Agreement Form are applicable.

6. All transaction disputes are handled in accordance with the Card Network requirements, i.e. Visa / MasterCard / NPCI / Diners Club.

7. According to RBI requirements, all card transactions must be paid within four calendar days of the transaction date.

8. Liability for the transaction(s) will stay with the merchant if a chargeback is received under late presentment/settlement from the Cardholder's Bank.

9. In the event of a failed transaction, a refund must be requested within four calendar days after the transaction date. According to RBI regulation, if a consumer is not refunded for a failed transaction within T + 5 days, a penalty of ₹100/- per day would be charged as compensation. This penalty amount will be the merchant's responsibility.

10. The penalty is calculated if the delay exceeds T + 5 days from the date of refund / chargeback acceptance.

11. According to the appropriate card network standards, there is no recourse or further representation rights to Merchant Bank in disputes involving Fraudulent / Unauthorized Transactions in which the cardholder asserts that he did not approve the transaction in question. As a result, the obligation stays with the merchant, and the debit will be permanently recorded to the merchant's account.

12. Chargeback refund will be processed within 65 days from the date of successful representation of the case and is subject to no further Chargeback received from the Issuer

13.  Any progressive dispute raised by the card issuing bank will be formally intimated to the merchant immediately. In case of progressive dispute, the final closure will further take up to 60 days to claim the funds back provided the dispute is not filed for an Arbitration by the card issuing bank.

14. In case of an Arbitration, if the Card Network rules the dispute against the card-issuing bank, basis the evidence provided by the Merchant, the funds will be released to the Merchant within three working days from the date of receipt of the ruling